The Martian supercomputer should not be trusted!

At this, the 13th of March, 2181, our independent journalists bring you this news!

As the situation on Mars grows more turbulent/dire, the Martian supercomputer is still spewing out nonsensical commands which confuses and divides the Mars populace even further! As usual, leaders of the domes allied with the Martian Union still trust the supercomputer commands and blindly follow its instructions without any doubt or critique, while the logic of these commands appears to deteriorate with each passing day. Just this afternoon (at approximately 12:30) most Union dome residents were seen doing some sort of yoga poses outside of their homes and offices, seemingly undisturbed by the fact that chaos and terror is currently reigning in the colony!

The Martian Union will not hesitate to tell you that the Supercomputer’s directions is what’s keeping the colony stable and thriving, but is this still the case? Is the computer and its enigmatic algorithms still reliable, even after all these years of governing the colony? Isn’t it possible (or maybe even likely) that a supercomputer like this might develop bugs or glitches over time?

Of course, none of the residents of this beautiful red planet wants to see the colony fall into ruin. However, descending into chaos might exactly be the path we’re on, if we keep following the supercomputer’s bizarre instructions. Union leaders would be wise to critically look at the commands they’ll so obtusely accept into their daily routines, and wonder whether these orders will actually contribute to the prosperity of colony and the wellbeing of the dome’s residents.

So, has the Martian computer gone haywire? Or are the Martian civil servants just too incompetent to properly interpret its output? We leave you to make up your own minds about this situation.

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