Terrorist organization Red Moon Faction is active once again on Luna!

As our loyal readers know, Cosmic Insider is closely and meticulously keeping an eye on the affairs of the Red Moon Faction: an organization of which we suspect has close ties with the masterminds behind the New Galactic Order! As you will undoubtedly remember, the Red Moon Faction caused chaos and carried out terrible terrorist acts during the Luna Crisis of January 2180, endangering the whole population of the colony!

As a direct result of these harrowing deeds during the Luna Crisis, the Red Moon Faction had been dissolved and prosecuted, following which the leader of the organization, Andrea Ensslin, had gone into hiding. She was later discovered aboard the (very suspicious) vessel Celestra, which always seems to be near whenever disastrous events happen! After Ensslin was detained at SevCol Station (thanks to the heroic mr Madsen), she has been moved to an undisclosed location.

However, at this time, our most trusty Cosmic Insider reporter on the surface of Luna, reports about rumors that the Red Moon Faction is active again in the colony! Did those people not learn from the previous events that it’s dangerous to conspire with terrorists? Multiple Red Moon sympathizers seem to raise their voices again, and are even rumored to organize secret meetings in underground bunkers! If the Red Moon Faction rises again within this colony, NOBODY will be safe anymore! They are probably training insurrectionists RIGHT NOW in their secret underground facilities, and might attempt to steal our oxygen once again!

We of the Cosmic Insider will stay vigilant, and will report anything suspicious which could be linked to the Red Moon Faction! This terrorist organization might be rooted even deeper in the Luna society than we were suspecting. Rumors say that Red Moon Faction ringleaders who are in hiding on Luna are still communicating with Ensslin, using covert correspondence via an insider in the (unknown!!) prison where she is currently being held.

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