Special Report: Kordoss Riots

Hello, I am Meros Dragovich, with SCNN

Today, we bring you an update on the Kordoss situation. As we all know, UAC has recently started exploiting new claims on Kordoss. Numerous private miners have since left to UAC, touting much-improved conditions, higher pay and shorter hours.

Last week, UAC revised their “come all” policies on Kordoss, leading to growing discontent among private miners who have sold their claim and are now unemployed. These recently unemployed miners have been forced to rely the generosity of the local Saturn Refugee Movement employees, who have come to Kordoss to “assist the Downtrodden”, according to Janey Hoffah.

I stand here at the UAC recruitment office, which has recently been firebombed by parties unkown, alledgedly in retribution for the rejection of over 50 miners who, according Janey Hoffah, have unfairly been failed out of UAC training, after being previously approved.

Union Aerospace Corporation has released the following statement:
“We regret the recent turn of events. We were overwhelmed with the influx of new workers, and while UAC is extremely thankful for the trust you have placed in us, we regret to inform you that there are currently no vacancies in our local branches for miners. We predict future growth opportunities will create additional opening for skilled miners and support personnel, so keep an eye on our employment boards!”

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