SNN Special Report – the ongoing Mars conflict

The ongoing conflict on Mars has just recently undergone two major events.
The conflict has created two factions, with many of the Mars domes having picked either the Mars Union or the Separatist Volunteers.
Those supporting the Mars Union focus on maintaining the status quo, and following the commands as set by the Central Computer, as has been done since the outset of the colony.
The Volunteers advocate critical thought on the Mars government commands, and breaking them and setting out on their own path, now that those commands seem to be detrimental to the Domes.
Many on Mars of either faction fear the separation of the sides, citing the material and economic interwovenness of the Domes as the reason why separation would be absolutely harmful to both those breaking off from the whole, and to those remaining behind.

As this conflict has been going on for weeks, members of the factions have apparently reached out to forces outside of Mars to support their positions, which led to the United Moons of Jupiter officially supporting the Union in a press conference this morning at 11:00.
The press conference supported their positioning by reinforcing the interwovenness of not only the Domes of Mars, but also the reliance of many economies, including those on Jupiter but also many other colonial economies, on that of Mars.
This intercolonial support has not been seen before, as all colonial conflicts are traditionally discussed through SevCol. SevCol had let us know shortly after the United Moons of Jupiter press conference that they would create a statement to be released sometime this evening.
Before that statement had had time to take form, the Saturn Collective responded at 13:34, stating their position as supporting the Volunteers, citing the importance for any individual to make their own choices.
Whether other colonies are considering taking a side is as of yet unknown, as all representatives we have spoken to have declined to comment, usually stating that they need to discuss the recent events with their respective governments.
SevCol has so far not responded to either proclamation, merely stating that their response is going to need more time to be prepared, as this situation merits careful consideration.

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