SNN Special Report – Martian Rebellion?

SNN is closely following the situation on Mars, where one city dome has voted to break free from the central Martian government. The journalists of SNN will collect reports of trusted sources to keep all readers up-to-date about this unprecedented event and how this situation is developing.

January 22, 2181
May O’Neal – 6-News

This is May O’Neal, with 6-news, on the developing situation on Mars, now called the Mars Rebellion by some.

As more and more separate domes support either the Separatists or the Mars Union government, an official common moniker has been adopted by the separatists, who refer to themselves as the Volunteers.

While the situation is tense, both the Volunteers and the Union government are striving towards… please hold one second.

This is breaking news, you heard it here first on 6-news! There has been an attack on the MarsGov building in Carmack city! Reports of an explosion outside the main governmental administration building are followed by smaller secondary fires around the high-security building. The Dome itself seems to be undamaged and the damage appears to be mostly superficial, due to the high-strength construction of the Pre-Dome MarsGov building.

We are receiving reports that an unknown group, calling themselves “Knights of Ethelred” are claiming the attack was their response to “oppressive actions by Mars Union police against the free men of the Realm”. We are currently attempting to reach the Volunteer domes for comment.

Keep streaming 6-News for the latest updates on the Mars Rebellion.

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