SNN Special Report – Martian Dome Independence

SNN is closely following the situation on Mars, where one city dome has voted to break free from the central Martian government. The journalists of SNN will collect reports of trusted sources to keep all readers up-to-date about this unprecedented event.

January 21, 2181
May O’Neal – 6-News

This is May O’Neal, from 6-news, with an update on the situation developing on Mars. Following the independence vote on New Cromer, similar citizen referenda have been held all over Mars, with many either firmly in favor, or firmly against independence from the central government.

The Catalunya, Nova Roma, New Derbyshire, Cymru Uchod and Bilbao domes have voted to leave the Mars Union and are rumored to be in mutual talks to form a provisional government. Representatives from the separatist domes could not be reached for comment.

Similar votes held in Novaya Rodina, New New York, Sharon-Meir, Brandenburgkuppel, Luna Secunda and Carmack domes have ended firmly pro-Union, pledging to support the Central Computer, though some citizens admit that instructions have been somewhat unclear as of late. They place blame firmly on the Interpreters, who should have spoken less arbitrarily.

The Union has announced that any open rebellion against the government will be met harshly, but no outward signs of such measures have been seen.

This has been May O’Neal, we will keep you updated as the situation develops.

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