SNN Special Report – Mars Rebellion continues to escalate

This is 6-news, May O’Neal reporting on the Mars Rebellion.

The Mars Union government has officially declared a curfew in the Volunteer domes starting last night at the end of compensate hour. As of 00.01 this morning, over 300 people have been arrested for curfew violations, following protests against the curfew.

Riots in Cymru Uchod following the arests have led to the destruction of a local police station. The current status of the government police in Cymru Uchod is not currently known, but local Volunteer organisers have let 6-News know that they are being treated well, but will not be released for now.

Negotiations between the Volunteer and Union representatives continue at Geneva Dome on Mars, where both parties call for calm and wait for a diplomatic resolution to the situation. The Volunteers are demanding the Union troops are withdrawn while negotiations continue and the curfew is lifted, the Union Government reasons that the planetary guard is the only thing keeping order in the Domes.

Meanwhile, several attacks have occurred during protests and counter-protests between Volunteer and Union sympathisers.

This is May O’Neal for 6-News, keep streaming for new updates!

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