SNN News Digest (March 3 – March 13)

The latest news from the Solar system, focusing on lighter news from Luna between all our breaking news reports. In this issue:


From our political correspondent on LunaLuna: Beyond the Horizon

With upcoming elections, many people wonder what the future will hold for Luna. We asked Prof. Albert Rousseau, professor of political science and philosophy at Barsoom University, about his views on the first colony’s long term political climate.

“The crisis was, at its core, a crisis of philosophy” the Luna-born professor starts. “Branson has lead the colony into a time of great prosperity, and there is no doubt that his demise has left a void. Yet if Luna is to move forward, her citizens should embrace his vision: An open market based on high-tech research and manufacturing. If the tech sector thrives, Luna thrives.”

Branson’s vision has often been compared with the objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand and the liberal-economic groundwork of Adam Smith: A society built on economic and ethical freedom, with citizens free to pursuit their own happiness, guided by well-educated people, and with an economic system based on an open market and equal opportunities, but unequal rewards.
“Luna is a society that rewards enterprise and intelligence. Reward the exceptional, and they will drive society forwards,” says Rousseau. “Provided they aren’t burdened by bureaucracy. While Luna’s researchers wait for SevCol’s approval of a newly developed technology, their competitors are developing cheaper alternatives at a higher production capability. Luna desires an open market without outside interference. Laissez faire.”

Outsiders often criticize Luna’s liberal ways, citing her unorthodox research to be immoral, and call for more regulation.
Rousseau: “New technology is always met with fear, as humans inherently fear what they do not understand. True scientific breakthrough is achieved by scientists willing to go against society’s conventions: Galileo, Dawkins, Descarte, even Socrates. Ethics are rooted in angst. At its core, science is an optimistic enterprise undertaken by bright minds looking beyond the horizon.”

Rousseau concludes. “The new Luna government – whether under the guidance of Al-Shahaf or the libertarian Sylvia Gould- should have trust in its citizens, and empower them with the freedom they require to strife for a better tomorrow. In short, the only way forward for Luna is a government rooted in liberal technocracy.”

From our entertainment correspondentNostalgia on the Moon

Now that the smoke on Luna has cleared, her citizens are turning to nostalgia en-masse. Traders are reporting a run on sentimental products like antique toys, and Luna citizens showed up at the Saturn Comic Con in the hundreds. The streaming service Webflicks shares ratings that indicate an increased demand for century old shows like Moira the Researcher, Star Trek: Atlantis, and Biker Mice from Mars.

“During a crisis, people often turn to a time in their life when they were happy,” according to M. L. Estaban, professor of psychology and social sciences at Barsoom university. “When Luna citizens feel sad, they don’t turn to family, faith or their community. They’d rather relive their childhood from the comfort of their own living room, alone.”

Due to the increased demand, prices of memorabilia on the secondary market have skyrocketed. Not just a Comic Con. With the SevCol embargo of Luna traders have difficulty importing any goods. While demand is high, many of the shelves are empty.
“Snorks, Smurfs, Barbie-dolls, those crappy little spaceships that came with every McDonalds Happy Meal, you name it, they’re all selling like hotcakes. It’s nuts,” says Hank, owner of Xeno’s Comics & Toys. “Check your storage unit, folks. You might be sitting on gold. A mint Lego Millenium Falcon or first edition Captain Starbear easily goes for 2000 credits with the right buyer, twice that if it’s factory sealed.”

Estaban doesn’t share his optimism, and gives Luna citizens a fair warning:
“There is nothing wrong with a little escapism” she reasons, “we all need a little time off once in a while. Just remember that the real world doesn’t wait for you to turn your screen back off. “

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