SNN News Digest (January 16 – January 17, 2181)

The latest news from the Solar System. In this issue:


from our Mars correspondentCity dome on Mars requests independence

As the Mars Supercomputer continues to churn out spurious and odd new rules, some of the city domes have decided to take action. As the new directives seem to impact life on a grander scale than ever before, some claim that seceding from the Supercomputer guidance is best for them. One such city dome in particular, New Cromer, has taken the first steps in becoming independent, after a 52% majority vote amongst its population voted for forming their own, independent government.

As some domes eye New Cromer interestedly, wondering how this bold move will pan out for them, many other of the domes have responded vehemently, and disgustedly. They point to the interdependencies amongst the city domes, how forming an entire new form of government from the ground up can never end well, and that this decision has been made clearly rashly and without overthinking all of its complications by the population of New Cromer.

Civil servants from many of the domes have come together to discuss how the new relationship between New Cromer and the Mars government will be set up. A spokesperson from this deliberation have let it known that discussions are ongoing and fruitful, but that there is a lot to be discussed, weighed, deliberated over, and decided, and that these deliberations are going to need time.

Citizens of New Cromer have taken to the streets, some celebrating the upcoming independence, while others march to protest these political actions. Although some clashes between these groups have occurred, no violence has occurred this far, though many passionate words were exchanged.


from our Saturnian moons correspondentWord from the Saturnian Conclave

The Conclave of Saturn has concluded, and they have published the results. These make for some interesting reading, but for the sake of brevity will be very shortly summarized below.

For starters, while life aboard Saturn seems to continue as ever, some have noted that morale continues to be impacted by some that seem to not fully embrace the spirit of cooperation and sharing that Saturn expects, nay, requires, from its citizens. As such, the process of relocating its citizens to other colonies to improve everyone’s happiness will be made more accessible and shorter. This will lead to an increase in morale for the Saturnian citizens, as everyone remaining is clearly working hard for the society, and for those relocated as well, as they will surely find a more interesting life elsewhere. The size of the severance package from Saturn is still being discussed, but will certainly include: One ticket to a colony of their choice, one way only. Two sets of extra underwear. Two sets of socks. One toothbrush. Five pictures of their remaining family. One work recommendation from their last employer. One communicator (phone). And 157 credits. Deliberations on the sum of credits are ongoing, as are discussions on what to do with the family photos in edge cases of very large families, very few or no remaining family members, etcetera.

On the other hand, the Conclave has noticed an increase in interest in the Saturnian way of living from the other colonies, and have decided to be extra welcoming to any who choose to make their living on the moons of Saturn. Some new Saturnians have made their way over to this beautiful colony, after not being able to find their place amongst the new Lunar government. Furthermore, active Saturnian groups providing relief and guidance, like the Saturn Refugee Movement, are helping out those in need both by providing much needed goods, and helping people find their way to happiness in a well-balanced, suitable system of government.

New accommodations will be built for new immigrants, and classes will be arranged to teach the beauty of the Saturnian system. A pamphlet is also being discussed, although the precise message on this pamphlet and the method of distribution are still being discussed.

At the closing of the conclave, a new date was set for the next conclave. The conclave agreed to postpone the start of the next meeting by one week, for R&R purpposes. As such, the next conclave is to start in 16 days.

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