SNN News Digest (January 10 – January 15, 2181)

The latest news from the Solar System. In this issue:


from our sports correspondentLatest report on the Solar Sailing matches!

It’s been an amazing season for Solar Sailing fans around the colonies! With only two matches to go, it seems the traditional tie-breaker Mars-Uranus-Mars was anything but.

In a race nobody could foresee Virgin Solar scored three points, while Black Origin failed to finish due to guidance issues, and Sierra Nevada Corp came in fifth. Instead of breaking the roster as expected, the M-U-M run has created a triple tie that’s sure to make the Jupiter Double Loop the most exciting we’ve seen in years!

The famous Jupiter Double Loop is the older Solar Sailing run in existence, and while some fans might dislike its highly complex low-speed adjustments, the navigational skill required from the crews is immense. Remember fans, Solar Sailing is a zero-computer game, all adjustments must be done by hand, and anyone will tell you, that’s not easy amongst Jupiter’s moons! One false move could send you too far in your orbit, make you spin or, or collapse your sail.

Will favorite Virgin Solar perform well in a complex race? Or will Black Origin show they’re not all about “full-speed and damn the consequences”, as team owner Bosez loves to say? Can SNC surprise everyone and take a deciding lead? Who knows!

Follow the Jupiter Double Loop lightspeed-live, or by direct courier, tomorrow on SolarSports.


from our financial correspondent Stanis Varoufakeon at the LSXSNN Financial update (December 11, 2180 – January 15, 2181)

The latest financial news from the Solar System. Discussing the last month on the Lunar Stock Exchange.

As usual, we start out with the big 5 corporations from the moons of Jupiter.

The big companies of Jupiter are trundling along, with Evol’s clear open handling concerning their involvement in the “mutants on Luna” news leading to a continued strong position on the exchange for the company. Possibly, speculation that the company may have access to new medical technologies may contribute to this strong position.

In-Gentriment is recovering from its unexpected dive around the 6th of January, and seems to have already recovered. Some speculate that the dip may have been merely investors and stock exchange players diving on a bandwagon of dumping stocks, without any reason to do so but the to be expected flow of the value of the stocks leading to a downswing.

Secondly, we look at the PDC, or Private Defense Contractors, currently at work in our colonies. Note that only those of current interest are noted. Phalanx is always of interest, but the PMC (A PDC located on Luna) and the Hand of Eranon (On Mars) will be included as well due to news from these colonies. A company from far-off Eden, Wendell’s Guards, have been included as well, for reasons which will quickly become clear.

Phalanx seems to have recovered from a downward trend, which set in due to most work for Phalanx in the Solar System having dried up.

The PMC continues a trend seen before with the Lunar companies: Very little fluctuation, as the companies find their place in the newly formed government and investors wait forany news which may indicate how the future for these companies may pan out.

The Hand of Eranon continues its years long streak of a stable company with fluctuations but remaining a stable investment.

But, the Wendell’s Guards, a PDC on Eden mostly working on company security from the local wildlife, have recently lost most of its assets. As the news trickled in over the course of a day or so, the value of the company’s stock plummeted. The news that the company will withdraw from their current stance and will endeavour to seek out new business opportunities to syergise with the new challenges faced to them has led to a stabilization of the stock value, but has so far failed to bring them up again.

Finally, we take a look at our recent companies of interest, with the relatively new weapon manufacturer WEAK, and the hypercity trading company and the New Luna Jones continuing to be of particular interest.

WEAK seems to maintain its strong position, but the continued stable rebuilding of the Lunar government and infrastructure has led to a notable decrease in its stock value over the last few days.

The Hypercity Trading Company and the New Luna Jones are remarkable mostly in their continued reluctance to fluctuate. Even as the situation on Luna remains stable, and export from the colony has resumed, investors seem reluctant, for now, to invest in the companies here. Possibly a good investment opportunity?


from our Mars correspondentMars AI requests peculiar regulations

A set of new “public health regulations” on Mars has colony managers and Interpreters alike scratching behind their ears. The new measures include mandatory exits on the North Side of each building holding between 12 and 33 occupants, as well as marking all windows and ports in Red/Blue striping. This comes shortly on the heels of the new colonial-dome specifications, which strictly enforce a 0.02% offset in dimensions, mandating the north-south axis being slightly longer.

When inquired as to the motivation behind these new instructions, the Mars Supercomputer provided well-researched and thoroughly supported facts and reasoning that shows that safety is indeed increased by implementing these simple measures.

Critics are rising however, to contend that the Supercomputer is interfering with the daily life and freedom of the populations too much. These arguments are quickly quashed by official sources, who point out the measures have minimal effect on the day-to-day life of the civilian population and has proven benefits to society as a whole.


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