SNN News Digest (December 28, 2180 – January 9, 2181)

The latest news from the Solar System. In this issue:


from our financial correspondent Stanis Varoufakeon at the LSXHalf year financial report (June-January)

With the crisis on Luna seeming to reach a stable position, we felt it necessary to review the financial situation of the past half year.

It can be called a small miracle that the Luna stock exchange has kept working throughout the crisis. Its well-built and impossible to tamper with systems ensured that, even with a severe crisis going on around it, the Stock Exchange went on.

As such, let’s have a look at how the crisis has affected the “New Luna Jones”, an index that used to be of little interest, as the stable nature of the Luna companies combined with their ample research funding made for little interest by investors. But with the SevCol embargo happening to Luna, this otherwise of little interest index became a very interesting stock to follow.

Combined with the New Luna Jones, we also view WEAK, the relatively recent weapon manufacturer, and the Hypercity Trading Company, as these were all companies majorly influenced by the goings on at Luna this past half year: (click image to enlarge)

As can be seen, the New Luna Jones took a major hit with the onset of the Embargo. Although its hard to see in this graph, it took another hit with the unfortunate and unexpected passing of Tony Branson, followed by a period of critically low value during the Luna crisis.

Hypercity Trading Company took a little longer before it took its major hit from the Luna embargo, and made it through the crisis relatively unscathed. However, it’s financial report following the embargo was not great, and caused its stock to plummet in a very short time, a hit from which the company has not yet managed to recover.

In contrast to both these companies, the timing of the new weapon manufacturer WEAK could not have been more fortuitous, as the unrest in the solar system has led to an at first explosive growth. This volatile period was followed throughout the rest of the half year by a steady growth of the value of this company.

Phalanx has not managed to do so well out of this tumultuous period:

A brief period of growth during the SevCol interventions on Luna was thereafter mitigated by SevCol fully withdrawing from Luna. The general unrest did lead to a period of growth the following months, but SevCol’s inactivity led to investors withdrawing their support in Phalanx in favor of investing elsewhere.

In contrast to all of this, the 5 major Jupiter corporations reports are less interesting in comparison:

The only point of interest being a small hit to Endeavours stock as the crisis was going on, and a noticeable general decline of the Evol stocks for the first half of this last financial half year. This seems to have been mostly a correction by the market, bringing Evol back in line with the other companies of the moons of Jupiter.


from our Alpha Centauri correspondentWorlds of Light public perception program proves to be effective

About one year ago, SevCol called the governmental representation of the Worlds of Light into meeting, to clarify the goals and methodology of the human genetic project on Lux. According to the representatives of the Worlds of Light, the aim of this ‘breeding program’ is to create humans free of genetic diseases or other genetic defects which may decrease survivability in any way. However, such a program is dangerously close to an unethical eugenics program, which raised some serious questions in the Council of Seven.

The emissaries of the Worlds of Light did answer the questions to the satisfaction of the Council, but SevCol was still hesitant about the program. The Council decided not to intervene, but they did demand more transparency about the process, and regular updates about the general happiness of the population of the colony. The envoys of the Worlds of Light ensured SevCol that their population was very happy indeed, and that nobody needed to feel left out, even if they had a genetic defect. These people would simply not be allowed to breed on Lux itself, but were free to go off-planet and start a family elsewhere. If they chose to stay on the utopian planet Lux, they would be sterilized.

As a reaction to the concerns raised by SevCol, the Worlds of Light started a representation program, sending out several of the population of Lux to change the general perception about their human genetic program, and shed a more positive light on the colony. The people representing Lux were mainly sterilized genetic rejects, who were content with their fate and the methods employed by the scientists on Lucis. The prime Lux population with a preferable genetic profile does usually not leave the planet without a chaperone; especially the Luxian women are a very rare sight off the planet of Lux.

Shortly after the summons by the Council of Seven, the government of the Worlds of Light recruited the Census Bureau to collect data on the public perception of Lux. After a year now, the Census Bureau concluded that the representatives program has raised positive public awareness about Lux. Many people posted about the utopian planet on social media after meeting with a Luxian representative, but people did seem to feel like it was unrealistic to think they could ever see the planet for themselves.


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