SevCol Online 4 – Dark Side of the Moon

Dear crewmembers, ship security, specialists and passengers, SevCol is proud to present its first role-play event of 2022: SevCol online 4: Dark Side of the Moon.

This will be our fourth online event. This event will still be entirely within Discord, and once again, it will take place aboard the Celestra.

The larp will take place on Saturday March 26th, starting at 10:00, and continuing (with a soft ending) at around 17:00 or earlier. We will have an in-character break around noon, during which everyone is free to take a break with or without turning their camera off, and having lunch.


On request of SevCol, the Celestra travels to Luna to quell unrest brewing in the colony. Protests and riots are breaking out on the Lunar surface, and recently, important space stations around Luna have been rendered out of commission by striking personnel. The Celestra crew has been in contact with many important factions in the colony, and might assist in reaching a solution.


What to expect?
A relatively calm event, with plenty of time for role-play and interactions, both aboard the ship and with people from Luna. The focus for this event will be on personal roleplay and the state of Luna, due to the current events and what has previously transpired.

On Saturday the 26th of March, 2022, from 10:00 until roughly 17:00

Online, on our Discord server.

What will it cost?
The event itself will be free, but any and all donations towards our organization, Fabel, will be greatly appreciated. (NL28RABO0191836451, Stichting Fabel, Enschede)

To participate, you will need to be (or become) a member of our Discord server. (Use to join)
Furthermore, you will need a microphone. A webcam (along with the use of a costume) is encouraged, but certainly not mandatory.

How to participate?
1. Sign up using our online form:
SevCol Online 4 – Registration Form
2. Join our Discord server:
3. If you have a new character, contact the Game Masters about how to introduce him/her.

Any questions, comments, or remarks can be made in the comment section on Discord, or sent to:


Kind Regards,

The SevCol Game Masters team.

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