SevCol 7: and let me play among the stars. 11 March – 12 March, 2017.

SevCol is proud to present its first role-play event of 2017: SevCol 7: Let me play among the stars.

Just like last times we will be organizing a multi-day game! We will be playing both on Saturday and Sunday, with a pause for sleeping and breakfast in between.

Take note: wildcards/NPCs receive a significant discount on the participation fee!


A short briefing on the in-game situation:

The Luna trade embargo continues and prices for Luna-specific electronics and technologies are at an all-time high, with many companies trying to reverse-engineer Lunar tech.

After about a month of idling at Mars Orbital Station after the failed mission to deliver a diplomat to the moon, Mr. E has another mission for the crew of the Celestra. A meeting has been set up between a representative of Mr. E and the commanding officers of the Celestra, to discuss the details of the new mission.


Saturday March 11th, 13.00 till Sunday March 12th, 18.00
The check-in starts at ~11:00, but you’re welcome to help out building up the event starting at ~09:00. Wildcards are suggested to arrive early for briefing.
At Sunday we’ll end the game around ~16:00, but it’ll be appreciated if you can stay a bit longer to help dismantle the event stage.

Performance Factory, Hoge Bothofstraat 45, 7511 ZA, Enschede

What will it cost?
Standard price: 45 Euro, Wildcards: 40 euro, Organisation: 30 euro.
This Includes an evening meal on Saturday and a breakfast on Sunday. We can arrange (free) sleeping spots, if needed.

Members of Fanaat and Pro Deo receive a 3 euro discount, Union Card holders receive a 2 euro discount.
Drinks and small snacks will be made available with bar cards (tabkaarten) which you can purchase at the event.

Note: When registering and/or paying after February 19th, the price will increase with 5 euro!

How to participate?

  1. Complete the Registration Form (N.B.: The registration closes on March 5th!!!)
  2. Transfer your participation fee to account NL28RABO0191836451, Stichting Fabel, Enschede.
    Be sure that you mention:
    – Your name,
    – SevCol 7,
    – If appropriate: Wildcard/Organisation
    – if appropriate: Your Union Card/Fanaat/ProDeo membership.
    You can request a tab kaart (bar card) by adding 5, 10 or 20 euros to the transfer of your participation fee, and add “TAB <amount>” to the description.
  3. If you registered as a Player (PC), please make sure your character has a SevBook account. If you will be playing a new character, you will have to create a new account for that character. Of course, if you will be playing an existing character, this is not necessary.
  4. Optional: join our Facebook Event.

What is the difference between the various registration options?
When registering, you will have to decide between Player and Wild Card. When you choose Player, you will have to create a character yourself, or use a character you have played before. When you choose Wild Card, the game masters will create a character for you. You can subscribe as organisation if you have been asked to help out during the event with organizing things. You might play short NPC roles when you subscribe as organisation.

Next you will have to decide what kind of character you would like to play. This is important for players as well as for wild cards; when we create a wild card, we will take player’s preferences into account. On this event, you have the following choices:

  • Ship’s crew: This choice is for characters who are currently functioning as crew at the SCSS Celestra, or who want to join the crew (as their main job).
  • Ship security: This choice is for characters who are working as Phalanx security personnel at the SCSS Celestra, or who want to become a security officer (as their main job).
  • Specialist: There are some specialist tasks at the coming mission. If you want to play a professional hired to perform such a task, please select this option.
  • Passenger: You can come along on the mission as a passenger. This means you will not have an official task, and will have to pay for your boarding, or have someone else who has a reason to pay for you. Your character should have a reason to come along.

Any questions, comments, or remarks can be made in the comment section below, or sent to

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