PROOF! Celebrities involved in secret plot!

As we all know, secret societies are trying to create a New Galactic Order, and they are using celebrities to control the minds of the masses!

Celebrities are the perfect agents for the Controllers of the New Galactic Order (NGO) to manipulate the people because celebrities are being worshiped like the false idols they are, and celebrities are easily swayed by promises of fame and money.

The leaders of the NGO are masters of deception, and love to use actors, media manipulation and camera tricks to mislead the people. However, like magic tricks, once you know how the trick works, you cannot be deceived anymore into thinking it is magic. Therefore, if you become aware of how the NGO is using actors and celebrities to deceive you, you cannot be tricked anymore.

From a undisclosed source within the movie industry on Earth, we got the information that several actors and actresses are involved in a secret organization called ‘Cloud Nine’ which has many financial and social ties to the NGO leaders. Many of the celebrities connected to this organization are disappearing for several days, weeks or even months, and may return much more muscular or even scarred, which might indicate they are receiving special battle training.

To what end do celebrities receive battle training, you might ask? Well, after trying to trick you into believing the lies spread by main stream media, the NGO needs of course to take control. Actors are usually in perfect physical condition so they are the perfect soldiers to establish control, and looking good while doing it. If the masses aren’t swayed by their sugar coated words, then these celebrities can utilize their other powers to control the masses. Actors could easily be used as undercover agents in high-class societies, or even to conduct terror attacks. If they act like one of the victims, the attack will automatically be high profile and nobody would suspect them. It will be the perfect plot.

Our source identified two actors of Earth who might be part of one of the NGOs secret plot to establish one big fascist galactic government to rule all the colonies. One is Rick Corundra, the actor famous for his survival movies filmed outside of the domes. Rick is a very eccentric person, even for celebrity standards, and can disappear for weeks on end. When he returns he is usually sick, tired, dirty and looks battered. Why would an actor take risks like that if he isn’t being massively payed for it?

Another is Rosalie Falk, famous for her roles in several older movies like ‘Fire and Fury’ and ‘La Divine’, but most recently in the movie ‘Doomed Destiny’. She has been away from the spotlight for quite some time, and might have been a perfect candidate for the NGO Controllers to teach and train for her role in creating their new establishment. Rosalie also disappears suddenly and returns looking tired, mentally and physically exhausted, and sometimes even with serious looking wounds covering her body.

Be aware that the messages these actors might send using the media and their skills are likely furthering the agenda of the NGO. Take a second look at their movies and think about what they REALLY mean. Awareness of being manipulated might save you from a life of oppression by the evil Controllers. Be aware and see the TRUTH!

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