SNN Special Report – UAC offers to build a new Kordoss space elevator

From our Kordoss correspondent

The government of Kordoss is continuing its search for a replacement for the recently collapsed space elevator. Several offers have been made, and some of those have already been turned down.

The first offer made was by Haroldson B. Hunt of Kordoss Melters Inc., who suggested on-the-site refinements of the ores, followed by an space-bridge consisting of a fleet of small cargo shuttles to form this space bridge from the smelters to the awaiting cargo ships in orbit. The government officials questioned the cost estimations of this offer, being estimated as 1.3% cheaper than the previous space elevator, as well as complaints from the Miners’ Union, who protested against the full dependence of the government upon two private companies, of which either one withdrawing on made deals would mean a cessation in delivering goods to orbit.

Another offer was made by the students of the Thomas Walsh Institute for Physics. They proposed an ore slingshot system, which would shoot the raw ore into orbit from which it could be gathered using simple ore scoops. This plan was rejected due to the unstable and unpredictable orbits of the ore The erratic orbits would be a menace to any ships passing through this layer. Furthermore, there were concerns being raised about the effects of the projectiles traveling at high velocities through the lower layers of the atmosphere. The lower costs of this proposed system would not, according to government officials, weigh up against these concerns. Concerns about possible re-entering of the atmosphere of some of the ore sealed the future of this offer.

Some people may wonder about the rejection of this system, as the Kordoss Cargo Railgun (KCR) system was the original method used to bring the ore to orbit. The problem is, that this system is not even close to being able to deal with the quantity of ore that is required nay demanded by our clients throughout the Solar System and Alpha Centauri. The catching system which prevents the flaws of the current offer does not lend itself well to upscaling to any scale significantly larger than the current incarnation.

There seems to be a good chance of an end to the search though, as UAC has made an enticing offer to the Kordoss government. They offer to build a new space elevator, funded and maintained by them, and place that under control of the Kordoss government. UAC does require a vote in the governing of Kordoss similar to the Miners’ Union. This accord can be ended from either side with a 2 months notice. If the offer is broken, control of the elevator reverts to UAC completely, but Kordoss would be free to build an elevator of their own or seek other alternatives.

The government, the Miners’ Union , and representatives from UAC are currently discussing the finer terms of the UAC offer.

Earth and Luna are cowardly hiding behind their static defences!

In the light of the current events on Mars, many colonies are offering support to the several factions within the Martian colony. However, Earth and Luna remain silent. Why would they turn a blind eye, while Mars is struggling? Earth & Luna should take a stance, they should show support. It would be an important gesture, them being the first colonies.

As we all know, there have been similar struggles on Earth in our shared history. Earth could guide Mars, their child-colony. Will they abandon their colonies and leave them out in the cold, like they did once before? Earth might be the best equipped to guide these aggravating events; it is very hypocritical for them to stay silent.

Earth is very well protected by their static defences, effectively separating and sheltering them from any trouble which might occur in the Solar System. However, this should be no excuse to separate themselves from Solar System politics, as soon as trouble brews! Luna is protected to a lesser extent by Earth’s defences, but is still trying to hide behind the mother planet. Are they not taking a stance out of fear? Are they coerced? Do they always pick the same side because of their proximity? Do they have no opinion of their own, or are they being forced by Earth?

SNN Special Report – Mars Rebellion continues to escalate

This is 6-news, May O’Neal reporting on the Mars Rebellion.

The Mars Union government has officially declared a curfew in the Volunteer domes starting last night at the end of compensate hour. As of 00.01 this morning, over 300 people have been arrested for curfew violations, following protests against the curfew.

Riots in Cymru Uchod following the arests have led to the destruction of a local police station. The current status of the government police in Cymru Uchod is not currently known, but local Volunteer organisers have let 6-News know that they are being treated well, but will not be released for now.

Negotiations between the Volunteer and Union representatives continue at Geneva Dome on Mars, where both parties call for calm and wait for a diplomatic resolution to the situation. The Volunteers are demanding the Union troops are withdrawn while negotiations continue and the curfew is lifted, the Union Government reasons that the planetary guard is the only thing keeping order in the Domes.

Meanwhile, several attacks have occurred during protests and counter-protests between Volunteer and Union sympathisers.

This is May O’Neal for 6-News, keep streaming for new updates!

Terrorist organization Red Moon Faction is active once again on Luna!

As our loyal readers know, Cosmic Insider is closely and meticulously keeping an eye on the affairs of the Red Moon Faction: an organization of which we suspect has close ties with the masterminds behind the New Galactic Order! As you will undoubtedly remember, the Red Moon Faction caused chaos and carried out terrible terrorist acts during the Luna Crisis of January 2180, endangering the whole population of the colony!

As a direct result of these harrowing deeds during the Luna Crisis, the Red Moon Faction had been dissolved and prosecuted, following which the leader of the organization, Andrea Ensslin, had gone into hiding. She was later discovered aboard the (very suspicious) vessel Celestra, which always seems to be near whenever disastrous events happen! After Ensslin was detained at SevCol Station (thanks to the heroic mr Madsen), she has been moved to an undisclosed location.

However, at this time, our most trusty Cosmic Insider reporter on the surface of Luna, reports about rumors that the Red Moon Faction is active again in the colony! Did those people not learn from the previous events that it’s dangerous to conspire with terrorists? Multiple Red Moon sympathizers seem to raise their voices again, and are even rumored to organize secret meetings in underground bunkers! If the Red Moon Faction rises again within this colony, NOBODY will be safe anymore! They are probably training insurrectionists RIGHT NOW in their secret underground facilities, and might attempt to steal our oxygen once again!

We of the Cosmic Insider will stay vigilant, and will report anything suspicious which could be linked to the Red Moon Faction! This terrorist organization might be rooted even deeper in the Luna society than we were suspecting. Rumors say that Red Moon Faction ringleaders who are in hiding on Luna are still communicating with Ensslin, using covert correspondence via an insider in the (unknown!!) prison where she is currently being held.

If you hear any news about the Red Moon Faction, don’t hesitate to contact us via SevBook!
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SNN Special Report – Customs 3 station is being rebuild

From our Lux correspondent:

Good news for the inhabitants of our star system!

Construction on anew Customs-3 station has begun, supervised by SevCol and undertaken by Johnny Dutch Group and Black & Light Planets Construction Co.
It will be several months at least until construction is finished, even with the planned use of premade modules. Until this station has been completed and is once again fully operational, the SevCol ship SCSS-Cassopeia will take over from the SCSS-Celestra which has been taking care of Custom-3’s duties after its destruction.
We thank the Celestra for its job, and wish them well on their delayed journey to the Solar System.

SNN Special Report – Kordoss miners demand new space elevator

From our Kordoss correspondent

It is beyond a doubt that the Kordoss government has been looking into replacing the Space Elevator, as affordable bulk transport of goods into orbit is a necessity for Kordoss to function as a colony. Recently, some of these offers have been leaked to the media. We can not disclose specific details about these offers, but we are able to share the general gist with our readers.

These offers spoke of the immense cost of (re)building the space elevator, especially so far away from the Solar System. And as there is no-one that can pay these costs out-of-pocket, interested parties seek to recuperate their losses over a long time, generally by charging a percentage of the value of all goods transferred.

Currently, Kordoss is being kept alive by a fleet of shuttles transporting goods necessary for the survival of this colony down from the bulk freighters in orbit, down to the planet. Unfortunately, the amount of material that can be taken back to orbit to be exported pales in comparison to our usual output.

Many have speculated that any deal around a space elevator could hold our entire economy in a stranglehold. There would be very little stopping the owners of the space elevator from increasing their prices, if there is no competition. But any attempts to have more than one elevator at a time have been met with scorn, as all the offers positively require them to be the only one building a space elevator, listing such reasons as required return on large investment.

The Miners’ Union, led by E. Chandra, the assistant of the late Janey Hoffa, calls for a government controlled space elevator, with long term, fixed, reasonable costs. This to ensure the financial well-being of the colony. The Miners’ Union has significantly risen in influence ever since the day of the calamity, with great influence amongst the population of Kordossdddd and thus effectively functioning as a governmental body here, but its financial means are negligible. Hence, their call for the government to take up this responsibility sounds somewhat hollow, as there seem to be no financial means to start such a project at this time.

So, will we be seeing a new space elevator within a reasonable amount of time, and what will the costs of transportation be on this new elevator, once it is build?

This reporter and, I’m sure, pretty much everyone here on Kordoss, would very much like to find out, if not dreading the answers we’ll get.

SNN Special Report – SevCol calls to the colonies to remain calm, and don’t intervene in the Mars situation

After a few days of no comments from SevCol, they have come out with an official statement.
It cites the importance for continued discourse, and invites representatives from all colonies, in light of the recent proclamations made by the United Moons of Jupiter and the Saturn Collective, to join the SevCol supported discussions, as there is clearly an interest in the deliberations on Mars from the other colonies.

It goes on to reassure all colonists throughout the Solar System and Alpha Centauri that political discussions will continue and may last for a while yet, as the problem is not trivial, but that the deliberations are promising, and a fruitful resolution for all parties can be expected.

SNN Special Report – the ongoing Mars conflict

The ongoing conflict on Mars has just recently undergone two major events.
The conflict has created two factions, with many of the Mars domes having picked either the Mars Union or the Separatist Volunteers.
Those supporting the Mars Union focus on maintaining the status quo, and following the commands as set by the Central Computer, as has been done since the outset of the colony.
The Volunteers advocate critical thought on the Mars government commands, and breaking them and setting out on their own path, now that those commands seem to be detrimental to the Domes.
Many on Mars of either faction fear the separation of the sides, citing the material and economic interwovenness of the Domes as the reason why separation would be absolutely harmful to both those breaking off from the whole, and to those remaining behind.

As this conflict has been going on for weeks, members of the factions have apparently reached out to forces outside of Mars to support their positions, which led to the United Moons of Jupiter officially supporting the Union in a press conference this morning at 11:00.
The press conference supported their positioning by reinforcing the interwovenness of not only the Domes of Mars, but also the reliance of many economies, including those on Jupiter but also many other colonial economies, on that of Mars.
This intercolonial support has not been seen before, as all colonial conflicts are traditionally discussed through SevCol. SevCol had let us know shortly after the United Moons of Jupiter press conference that they would create a statement to be released sometime this evening.
Before that statement had had time to take form, the Saturn Collective responded at 13:34, stating their position as supporting the Volunteers, citing the importance for any individual to make their own choices.
Whether other colonies are considering taking a side is as of yet unknown, as all representatives we have spoken to have declined to comment, usually stating that they need to discuss the recent events with their respective governments.
SevCol has so far not responded to either proclamation, merely stating that their response is going to need more time to be prepared, as this situation merits careful consideration.

SevCol Online 2 – The Stars, Like Dust

Dear crewmembers, ship security, specialists and passengers, SevCol is proud to present its first role-play event of 2021: SevCol Online 2 – The Stars, Like Dust.

This will be our second online event. This event will still be entirely within Discord, but unlike the previous online event, it will take place aboard the Celestra.

The larp will take place on Saturday, starting at 11:00, and continuing (with a soft ending) at around 16:00. In game, the events of this larp will take place after our last offline event, but before the previous online event.


During the tedious journey from Alpha Centauri back to the Solar System, the Celestra exits a warpgate into an unusually lively bit of space between the gates.
Dozens of ships seem to be holding their position.

What is going on here?

Continue reading

SevCol Online 1 – The Universal Challenge

Hello everyone,

First of all, we must disappoint you. It seems extremely unwise to us to organize a physical event in the foreseeable future, because we simply cannot guarantee that we can keep a 1.5m distance, while at the same time having fun playing AND fitting into a physical location.

What we can do, and what we’ve been planning not-so-secretly for a while, is an online-only SevCol event.

What: An event in the SevCol universe, where you can play your own character (or someone else).
When: Saturday, May 30, from 12:00 to 17:00.
Where: From the comfort of your own home.
How: With Discord, Empty Epsilon, and a lot of creativity.
What does it cost: An afternoon of your time, and zero euros.
What if I can’t participate?: No problem, regard this online-only event as a side quest (optional, but fun).
I want to know more: Cool! See the IC announcement below, and keep an eye on the new “Universal Challenge” channel on the SevCol Discord server (
Do I have to register?: Yes please! You can do it here: If you have registered, you can talk to your fellow players in the ‘Contest-Chat’ channel on our Discord.


((Voiced by: Hansel van der Breeze))

Hi there! This is your favorite quizmaster, Hansel van der Breeze! It’s quiz time!
Time to forget about the nasty news for a while, and join me in one of our regional challenges!
Will your team become the regional champion, and join me and the other winning teams in our studio on Earth? Are you capable of beating all competitors? Then join up for:

= The Universal Challenge! =

To participate in the challenge, you must sign up individually. You have to have a room where you can be alone, to prevent co-operation, which would of course be blatant cheating! Just before the start of the preliminaries, you will be assigned random team members from your region, and then you will face off against the other teams in several dazzling challenges! As a simulator will be needed for some of the challenges, a computer is required to participate. And a quick and creative mind is required for all tests!
Shall I see you soon, in your own regional challenge, and then in the flesh in our studio? I’m sure I will!