New Revelations about the Red Conspiracy and the Celestra!

Readers diligently following this channel of AWARENESS & TRUTH will undoubtedly remember the heroic mr Madsen who single-handedly arrested the terrorist leader Andrea Enslin! Madsen had briefly joined the crew of the controversial starship Celestra, but after discovering the terrorist hiding out on this ship (seemingly with permission of the rest of the crew), he was quick to arrest her and to distance himself from this nefarious crew!

Mr Madsen has now revealed some VERY disturbing news about the hidden forces behind the unnerving current events flooding our newsfeeds! We received a video in which he theorizes about the powers driving the chaos unfolding within the solar system and beyond, and reveals some very disturbing facts about the ‘Red Conspiracy’, and its connection to the Celestra! The speculations of this astute man are most likely on the right track, since he has undoubtedly proven he can indeed trust his instincts in matters like these! Mr Madsen also mentions the enigmatic ‘Mr. E’, who seems to be intricately connected to this whole conspiracy! Mr E was previously discovered – by our very own star-reporter Killian Robertson – to be the very owner or the Celestra!

But don’t take our word for it – watch the video below to make your own judgement!

We are sad to hear mr Madsen is now deceased. Rumors say Madsen died in some obscure backwater settlement on the surface of Eden, while being accompanied by the Celestra’s crew! Of course, the question remains whether the crew had something to do with Madsen’s sudden and untimely death… Curiously, in this video mr Madsen mentions re-joining the Celestra. Why he would wish to join this crew again remains a mystery to us, but we assume he most likely wanted to investigate this devious bunch of people from within.

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