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    Peace conference breaks down on SevCol Station between Mars Union and Mars Volunteers after both parties seem to claim responsibility for the terrorist attack on Geneva-dome. I can`t help but like the situation to the incident on Kordos. Two parties blaming eachother for a horrible atrocity.

    Like on Kordos maybe both parties aren`t responsible, but are being played by a third party sowing discord among the SevCol colonies. It may be a bit far-fetched but there is more and more evidence that incidents like these are connected and a nefarious force is trying to break humanity apart.

    Even though the events in Geneva-dome has shook me to the core, I have friends there who I hope made it to their designated shelters, I firmly believe that if we put in the effort humanity can pull together instead of apart.

    If anyone has any evidence, please contact me or the proper authorities. In the mean time I ask you, my readers, to be human first, martian second and unionist and volunteer last.

    Be safe!