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    Around 17:00 hours a shipping container hit the space elevator of Herbert Hoover Station on Kordoss. At the moment a general evacuation order is in effect for the equatorial region as debris is raining down on the surface.

    At the time of the impact a meeting was going on between a representative of the miner`s association, Mr. Chandra and Mr. Sparks from UAC. Both gentlemen agree that the focus at the moment should be on a peaceful resolution of the current crises and ask all people on Kordoss to remain calm, remain in their shelters and provide aid where needed without putting themselves in harm`s way.

    Mr. Sparks says UAC is investigating the matter of the armed men imitating UAC soldiers but could neither confirm or deny any rumors as of yet as to the identity of these individuals. Neither could he give any information on how these individuals got their hands on UAC uniforms and equipment. He did promise to keep Eyewitness Accounts abrest of any developments.

    Both mr Sparks and mr Chandra acknowledged that a tentative agreement has been reached concerning the recent unrests on Kordoss.

    • That DOES confirm our theory of a conspiracy surrounding the Kordoss situation! Are you available to write an exclusive article for the Cosmic Insider about your experiences and investigation on the Kordoss catastrophe?

      • Not at present unfortunately. All I can say for now is that the people on Kordoss are really pulling together in the relief effort. This should be our main focus. I will post more update on this account as they become available so I can keep everyone informed on an equal footing.