• Michael (Mickey) Laurence posted an update in the group Group logo of Eyewitness Accounts (EA)Eyewitness Accounts (EA) 3 years, 1 month ago

    Ofcourse rumors and riots run rampant on Kordoss. As it happens Eyewitness Accounts is in the neighbourhood and ready to investigate. If you have any leads you think are worth pursueing, please drop me a line.

    Much obliged and Namasté!

    • Hi Michael, this is Dave from the Cosmic Insider, I am sure you’ve heard of our channel! We are super interested in what’s happening at Kordoss at the moment! We don’t have any of our informants in the region right now, but we try to get someone there as soon as possible! At the meantime we will actively keep an eye on your feed. We are pretty sure something nefarious is going on right there! It might even be part of a bigger conspiracy! We are looking into it right now, see who the key players are! The denizens of Kordoss deserve to know the TRUTH of whats happening. It seems there are being used as mere pawns! Cosmic insider out!