This section contains all information needed to create a character for the game. In SevCol, you can participate as a Player Character (PC), a Wild Card, or an NPCPlayer is a regular player character, written by yourself. Wildcard is a full player-like character, written by the GMs, usually adapted for the upcoming event. The NPC option is heavily discounted, and will fill multiple smaller roles. We cannot promise there will always be something to do for NPCs, but we’ll try to keep you entertained.

Creating a character is very easy. Just click “Register” on the sidebar of the website. You will be presented with an online form, containing the necessary questions you need to answer for character creation. After having filled out the form, the gamemasters will do a check on your character, and will let you know if it is OK to play. If you character is approved, you will immediately have acces to SevBook, the in-game social network, where you can find other players and lots of useful information.

Even if you are not sure you want to participate in an event, or not sure about the character you want to play, we encourage you to create one. By creating a character and snooping around SevBook, you will learn much interesting stuff about the game, and get a good idea about what the game-world is about. We don’t mind if SevBook fills up with characters that are never used; the existence of these characters will help creating a realistic feel for the social network.


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