The Saturn Collective

The Saturn system was colonized when the corporations responsible for the He-3 mining in Jupiter’s atmosphere realized they could probably get their fuel cheaper and more efficient from one of the other gas giants, and the first one to experiment with, was Saturn.

Saturn has the beautiful moon Titan, which is quite an attractive location to build settlements for the workers who were planned to be manning the He-3 distribution centers, controlling the flow of packages and building the mining vessels and other essential crafts.

Several inviting living modules were built on Titan and workers were migrated there from their parent companies on Jupiter. However, things went not as planned. These workers were highly accustomed to their working places and rhythm on Ganymede or Europa, and  experienced a massive culture shock due to their change in scenery, which made their indoctrinated minds snap back into default, and made the workers revolt. They suddenly saw they have been living like a drone for all of their lives, and suddenly wanted no more of that.

The workers on Saturn decided to break free from their Jupiter masters, and created a collectivist community, in stark contrast to their capitalist roots. Many (or rather: everyone) set out to become artists. Since that moment, the free and open minded society on Saturn is highly attractive for anyone who would break free of their controlled lives in the other colonies. However, if you would not like to part with your possessions, Titan is not the place for you.

the Saturn Collective is a society based on the principles of communism, leaving most of the power in the hands of the numerous small settlements and dealing only with matters of space travel and foreign policy in a joint forum a few times a year. To own property or gain profit is looked down upon in this colony. There are no different ranks, everyone serves all positions in a rotating system.

Despite the whole principle of ‘breaking free’, Saturnians all tend to look -and act- rather similar. It seems that every decade or so, a new convention gets decided upon on what to wear and how to look, but once it gets decided, everyone does the same. Even the leisure activities, like writing poetry, seems to be the same among all Saturnians, even disregarding talent for that form of art.
People from the Saturn system usually wear gifted handmade clothing, often from homemade materials and always created with care. Lots of different layers and knits in muted colors, creating a bit of a peasant-like look.


The most interesting site for the building of a colony in the Saturn system was Titan, which still is the main inhabited moon of the Saturn system. The estimated 50 million inhabitants (though official numbers are unknown, estimates range from 20- to 200 million) are living in habitable modules mostly on the surface of this moon. Titan is still very much a frontier world; settlements rarely reach over 10.000 inhabitants, and the median lies close to 500. The biggest settlement on Titan is called Othrys, home of an estimate of 28.000 inhabitants. Despite the extreme temperatures and air density, Titan is a beautiful place to live. The hydrocarbon lakes give it an earth-like look, and the atmosphere protects the inhabitants of Titan from radiation. Titan can provide all the elements needed to support life.

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