The Moon: The Free State of Luna

The Moon was the first celestial body that was colonized, during the beginning of the 20st century. The Moon was not colonized to be exploited for raw materials; it rather became a favorite holiday destination for rich earthlings, with massive casinos and entertainment complexes, and extravagant hotels. This so-called New Vegas was established by the famous billionaire and visionary Tony Branson. Without the scrutiny of governmental rules and regulations, New Vegas quickly emerged as a place where all forms of hedonism ran rampant.

After the Great Crash the Moon suffered a severe blow; New Vegas was heavily dependent from resources send up from the Earth. A large part of the population had to emigrate to Mars or beyond, since going back to earth was no longer possible for most people.  However, a group of rich and inventive people around Tony Branson stayed behind and gathered a group of scientists around them, first to make their colony self-sufficient, then to create a cutting edge science and technology center. Thus, the Free State of Luna was born. Many different cutting-edge companies sprouted and flourished on the moon, though Tony Branson’s HyperCity was the glowing center of all development. Fueled by the many affluent people in the colony, the Free State of Luna is a major financial center in the Solar System; the Lunar Stock Exchange is by far the largest in existence. Because there is so much venture capital available, most research and development apart from the big companies is being conducted in the Luna Laboratories.

Luna’s democracy is based on the “One Man, One Vote” concept. This means that there is one man on Luna, that has the one (and only) vote. Because elections should be private to ensure good democratic practices, the vote of this man is secret. And because the identity of the man might give clues to the vote, the identity of the voter is also kept secret.

People from the moon are often cutting edge scientists who are used to a pretty secluded life amongst other scientists, or more usual tech salespersons who deal with companies interested in technologies invented in the Luna Laboratories. Since there are many new and innovative technologies from Luna not (yet) approved by SevCol, and many companies willing to acquire these technologies anyway and as soon as possible, deals are often shady and secretive. Salespersons from Luna are usually rather inconspicuous and can be a bit sneaky. They usually wear casual suits and a long coat. Scientists wear clothing convenient in the lab, often with Luna’s logo or the logo of the company they are with on their work-clothing.

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