Eden and Kordoss


In 2158, the largest spaceship ever built passed through the recently established jumpgate system towards Alpha Centauri. Bridging 4.37 lightyears in almost an instant, the Vanguard launched thousands of seedpods to the surface of the life supporting 4th planet, named Eden. After three years, the 150.000 first colonist in the city of Landing started noticing problems; the terraforming was going wrong.

In their rush to colonize Eden, the New Eden Government had made serious mistakes. Local plants as well as crops and vegetables were being pushed out by imported plants that appeared to thrive without competition. To counter this, insects were released. Then frogs and rodents to counter the plagues of insects. From here it escalated until the entire planet became a huge ecological disaster, runaway mutations of native species and imported species making it impossible to farm on a large scale, and some regions, such as Salamis, were largely abandoned.

The New Eden Government toppled a mere 12 years after the first landing, leaving the large city mostly uninhabited, and the colony ship Vanguard abandoned in orbit. Eden in now inhabited by an approximate 8 million people, living mostly in small anarchist settlements.

There aren’t many supply ships headed for Eden anymore, and life on the surface is hard. Settlers look ragged, with recycled and patched-up clothing and equipment. Clothing often incorporates furs and leathers of hunted animals.

Eden is also home to the spacestation ICSS-2, originally intended to be the main hub for SevCol in Alpha-Centauri, but now a mostly-empty station, used primarily for storage, habitation and some minor oversight and government functions.


Kordoss is a barren but mineral-rich world in the Alpha-Centauri system, primarily used as a planet sized stripmine. It is being exploited mainly by the UAC next to several smaller mining companies (as directed by the Conglomerate Treaty), most of these companies have their roots in the Solar System. Exploitation of Kordoss has made it possible to keep pollution-heavy industry away from the other worlds in the Alpha-Centauri system, but it has led to extreme levels of pollution on Kordoss. There’s a lot of heavy mining operations on Kordoss, but also several shipyards and production factories, and a few spaceports.

Kordoss is not officially a part of the Colony of Eden, but is often classified as the same colony, since many of the former inhabitants of Eden who could not migrate to Lux or Lucis went to work for the companies exploiting Kordoss. Kordoss does not have colony-status by itself either, it started out as property of mining companies, and it is still seen as such.

People living on Kordoss are rarely seen without a dust mask or breathing mask and goggles around their necks. They often wear a cowl of waterproof material which also fits over their head. They seem to be always covered with a thin layer of fine black dust, leaving smudges on their skin and clothing. To counter this, clothing is mostly a mix of dark brown and dark grey. Clothing is practical and usually does not have any decoration.

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