Earth: Nature Reserve Earth

The whole planet Earth has been declared a protected nature reserve.  Virtually no goods or passengers are allowed to be transported to or from the planet. A visit to the Earth is possible, but it is extremely hard to arrange and very expensive. Earth is mostly inhabited by wealthy elite, who live in eco-neutral, high-security domed cities. The only other acknowledged populations of humans living on the planet are various primitive groups who are trying to survive in the huge, chaotic wildernesses that resulted from hundreds of years of environmental mayhem. There are some rumors about a few small societies of ‘rejected’ people on earth, people who can’t afford to live in the domes and are now trying to survive in the wastelands.

If you are extremely rich, you may afford to go on holiday in one of the high-tech domed resorts on earth.

You will not come across many people who are from Earth in space. It is possible to play an Earthling, but you will need a very good reason for having left the planet.

People from Earth are usually very rich and rather eccentric in an opulent way. They wear clothing from materials and colored with dyes that can be produced in the eco-domes, so they should be pollution free and production must have a small ecological footprint. Fibers which are often used are hemp, soy, bamboo and linen or sometimes wool, dyed with natural dyes. Plastics are also gathered from the environment to be recycled as clothing or accessories. Clothing is extremely fashionable, occasionally resembling works of art. Curious shapes are popular, like trapezium-shaped standing collars, pointed shoulders and armor-like hip plates.

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