Ranks In SevCol/Phalanx

Rank in the SevCol navy designated by differing insignia. Due to high levels of automation aboard ships, SevCol doesn’t use Non-commissioned officers or other enlisted personnel in her ships crews (these positions are usually filled by ensigns) though they are employed on bases and stations. Rank is shown by patches on the shoulder of the uniform, for both marines and naval personel.

The Chain of Command

The chain of command follows the listed ranks below, in ascending order of authority, with minor exceptions. A midshipman is still in training, and thus officially outside the chain of command, and is not allowed to give orders to anyone; they must obey all orders given by those in their chain of command. Furthermore, authority only applies over those below you in your ownservice. Not even a general may order an ensign (though the ensign would be wise to follow any ‘requests’ made by a general).

Rank and Position

There is a difference between the different types of captain, of which three are known. The position captain, the naval rank captain and the marine rank captain. The position of captain, as in the commanding officer of a ship, is usually filled by a person with the rank of lieutenant commander (only for smaller ships, or short-term trips), commander or captain. The naval rank captain is “above” the marine rank of captain, though they are in separate services and thus not in the same chain of command. To avoid confusion, the marine rank of captain is called a commodore while aboard a ship.

Aboard a ship, there are only two people (not counting any possible flag officers aboard) who can give commands to the marine contingent. These are the commanding officer (captain) of the ship and the executive officer of the ship acting on the captain’s behalf. Officially, all commands must be passed through the senior marine officer onboard, though any marine would be wise to listen to the captain directly as any repeated orders are usually accompanied by latrine duty.



Here are the main, junior and senior ranks in use in the SevCol naval forces and Phalanx marine corps. Listed in ascending order from left to right, with their identifying shoulder patches.SevCol and Phalanx ranks



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