SCSS Celestra

Celestra – The ship for you!

The new Celestra Class modular space transport is the ship for you! No matter what kind of job you have, a Celestra can be customized for you. Thanks to a large modular space, combined with UACs patented Mod-U-Far layour technology, you can get a specially customed ship, for the same price as an old fashioned assembly line ship, with the UAC quality you’ve come to expect.

  • Industrial: four docking ports, high power availability and up to three bulk storage bays make sure no task is too much for the Celestra
  • Passenger Liner: Highspeed engines and up to 56 firstclass seats ensure a safe and comfortable trip.
  • Transport: Economic engines, advanced automation and 500 cubic meters of buffered cargo storage will turn anyone a profit.
  • Luxury yacht: You and up to eight people can enjoy the best experience, with full kitchen and staterooms beyond any hotel.

And these are just some of the possible layouts available, chose one of over 40 specialized layouts, or work with our qualified salesmen to set up your own configuration! You can even order a Celestra uncustomized, for those DIY spaceship owners, or purchasers on a budget. Remember, for a small fee, you can change or upgrade your Celestra at any UAC Spacedock*






















*not all changes possible. Some systems are hardwired and cannot be changed after delivery. Offer valid for 6 months after purchase.


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