The inner planets: Venus and Mercury


First visited by humans in 2043, this planet is unsuited to human habitation. It’s high metallic content and extreme temperatures make permanent settlement difficult and costly. The same high metallic content has led several corporations to attempt mining the planet. There are currently only two success mining facilities on Mercury: Tama base established by Union Aerospace Corporation in 2092 and Outpost Hermes operated by SkyMines Incorporated since 2102. Both share the use of the Mercury Orbital Accelerator, a large underground railgun, to propel packets of refined metals and Helium-3 into space for collection by solar sail freighters.


Once a hopeful terraforming operation, the surface of Venus, first visited in 2039 has since been largely abandoned. Only a small scattering of floating gas collectors are maintained by several governments and corporations. These facilities use gas bladders in Venus’ thick atmosphere to hover in the lower pressure areas, trailing long hoses to suck up atmospheric gasses for processing in orbit. Both the Titan Collective and SkyMines Incorporated have an interest in Venus.

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