Phalanx is one of a few companies that supply security contractors to companies or organisations. Phalanx is SevCol certified, which means that they are the preferred company of SevCol and SevCol aligned corporations, due to affordable rates and good working history, as well as having a contract with SevCol for following their guidelines. Because of this, Phalanx can make use of SevCol regulated training in a high-end facility on the SevCol base and official certification of all recruits.

They are structured much like any other company, apart from the personnel doing the actual work, who are tightly structured just like a military. The exception to this is the current C.E.O., who, besides having a ‘normal’ job, also carries a company exclusive title of Admiral.

When hired, at most 2 people from the group which have hired them will be incorporated in the military structure, given the right to give orders as long as they do not interfere with the main company charter (which basically comes down to: No illegal orders according to the laws set by SevCol, direct orders by externals can be overwritten only by direct commanding officer, who will then be automatically forced to defend himself for a punitive court).

Color logo:

phalanx color

basic black and white logo:

phalanx basic

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