Higher Educational Institutes

Earth Nature Reserve

The Earth elite, living in their guarded and gated cities, have colleges and universities where most normal disciplines are taught. There are only two Earth institutions that stand out in the seven colonies.

EnterT’Aime Academy, Anska’e

The best place in the Solar System for an education in the arts, if you can get through the very selective selection process… and if you can get to Earth at all.  The EnterT’Aime Academy is the primary reason for Earth’s dominance in the high-end entertainment industry.

Anska’e Business Academy

Premier business school  for the Earth elite. To foster inter-colony networks, the Academy allows a limited group of non-Earth students each year to attend the school at no cost.


Luna Free State

On Luna, almost all higher education is centralized in one enormous institute. Apart from that, there are some small private colleges and schools focused on specific subjects, such as interplanetary politics or macroeconomic theory.

Luna Institute of Technology

The LIT is a huge research university, focusing on advanced technology and cutting-edge science. Practically every scientific discipline is taught here, and the Institute draws ambitious students from all over the Solar System. Apart from the rather high tuition fees, the Institute is financed by a network of hedge funds and venture capitalists. For talented students that do not have the funds required to attend the Institute’s programs, there are extensive student loan facilities.

The LIT is most famous for their research in Advanced Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Financial Modelling, and Theoretical Physics.


Mars Union

All education on Mars is provided by the government. Martian citizens can attend colleges, academies, and universities for free, although they will have to provide for their own living expenses. Non-Martians are welcome to attend the programs, but must pay tuition fees. There are many educational institutes on Mars and its moons, so we will only list the most well-known.

Olympus Mons University (OMU)

The OMU has facilities all over the huge dormant volcano. It prides itself on is “Martian Science” , having extensive research programs in all life sciences, biodome technology, physical geography, meteorology, and terraforming. Also, it possess a famous observatory on top of Olympos Mons, which is a good location for astronomy because it is outside of the Marian atmosphere. OMU offers education in all disciplines, but is most famous for its bio-technological degrees.

Carmack College (CC)

CC specializes in logistics, political science, and agricultural technology.  Apart from that, the college has a famous computer science department, training some of the best programmers on Mars. It is a relatively small college, and does not offer all courses in all disciplines.

Technical University of Barsoom (TUB)

TUB is the primary university for chemistry, material science, geography, and structural engineering. Apart from these subject, it teaches all technical and engineering-related disciplines.

Barsoom University  (BU)

BU is a very big and broad university, where practically anything that can be taught is taught. It is most famous for its huge medical department, closely cooperating with the Barsoom Central Main Hospital, and for its psychological research.

Stickney Crater University (SCU)

SCU specializes in all disciplines related to spacecraft construction and operation.  Its location in the huge crater on the moon Phobos is ideal for this purpose.

Oddyssey University (OU)

OU is the main university for law, political science, management science, and economics. Most Martian administrators have completed courses on this university. It also has a well-known philosophy department, that has produced some of the most influential thinkers in the last century.

Jason Mamoa Police Academy of New Melbourne (PAN)

All Martian police officers, from the normal uniformed agents to inspectors and commissioners, get trained at this facility. Some police and paramilitary organisations from other colonies also send their recruits to PAN for training, since the Academy has extensive facilities and more then a century of experience. Even some private contractors, such as Phalanx, use PAN’s programs for their training for some specialized operatives.


United Moons of Jupiter

Most education in the Jupiter System is provided by company schools. These training programs are fine-tuned to workplace skills, but their highly specialized nature makes them only useful for the exact job they aim for. There are, however, some private institutions offering more sophisticated  training programs.  We list the most well known.

Polytechnic School of Ganymede

This school specializes in engineering and manufacturing disciplines. Many talented company people follow some of its programs after having finished an in-company program, if they can gather the required tuition fees. It  includes the famous Ganymede Programmer’s College, where most high skilled programmers in the Jupiter system are trained.

Bore School of Management, Ganymede

Also on Ganymede,  Bore School is the premier training ground for the Jupiter elite. Tuition is high and selection is tough, but a Bore degree is almost a sure way to get a ticket to the top. It has an extensive alumni organization, that organizes network events all over the Solar System.  Almost 40 % of the school´s students are no Jupiter citizens, but people from other colonies looking for the best management education money can buy.

MedInc Academy

MedInc is a company that operates a hospital space station in orbit around Jupiter. They offer various training programs for nurses, surgeons, and other medical profesionals. Students can either pay tuition, or sign a contract that stipulates they will work for MedInc for some years after their graduation.

Europa University.

Europa University is the only institution in the Jupiter system that teaches theoretical subjects, like macroeconomics, psychology, or philosophy. Because most disciplines taught here do not require expensive equipment, tuition is relatively low compared to other institutions. Research of the university is sponsored by corporations, who use their contributions for public relations purposes.


Saturn Collective

There are various educational institutions in the Saturn Collective, but they are not huge facilities, and pride themselves on not standing out from the other institutions. Although they may offer topnotch, high quality education, they will not boast about this, and are therefore not well known outside of the collective. Education in Saturn is seen as a shared responsibility of the whole community.  Students who show promise are selected for specialized boarding schools, where they reside for some years, devoting their time to selected subjects that are useful for the collective as a whole. One of those boarding schools, for example, is on the moon Iapetus, and is focused on ethics, philosophy, and political economy.


SevCol Station

Although strictly speaking, SevCol Station is not a colony, it houses two important educational institutions.

Institute of Advanced Studies

Small but very prestigious research institution, with a focus on physics. Offers two masters programs in Advanced Physics and Mathematics, and various PhD programs.

SevCol Academy

SevCol Academy offers training programs for all certifications needed on spaceships. Advantage of these programs is, that the relevant certificates are granted immediately on graduation. For all other spaceflight related training in the Solar System, certification has to be done by SevCol officials after the program has been successfully completed, in a separate procedure.

Recently, SevCol Academy outsourced the security training programs to Phalanx. Only the security certification is still done by SevCol officials, but since they are based in the same facility, no student will notice any difference.

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