Omni Consumer Products

Slogan: “We’ve got the future under control”

Originally known as LG/HTSony-IntApPhilSung, OCP produces, as the name implies, the vast majority of consumer electronics and products for humanity, reaching a market penetration of 85% in almost every market. Strictly monitored outside of Jupiter space to prevent OCP from inflating prices for non-employees, and strictly prohibited by other corporations, they face regulations on an almost constant basis and have excellent lawyers and software to navigate the maze of paperwork thrown up in their path.

Producing virtually every product in a household has led to a decline in quality, coupled in with increase in networkability. Thanks to OCP, it’s become possible for an advertiser to turn on your coffeemaker when their add is showing, and for a free sample to be delivered if your toilet detected your body approves. Not everyone likes this intrusion into their private lives, and OCP is one of the least popular megacorps (among non-employees). Their often mediocre quality has led to the popular interpretation of their names to be “OhCraP”.

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