Evol (Evolutionary Technologies)

Slogan: “A new you, a real you!”

Place: Calisto, Jupiter.

As suggested by its name, Evol is a corporation that looks to the future. Formerly called Yamatetsu, It has its origins in Japan, Earth. The corporation has its headquarters on Calisto and has a free spirit as its largest stockholder has reinvented itself, focusing its considerable resources on transhumanist projects ranging from genetics to cutting-edge nanotech, anti-aging experiments and other even more out-there projects designed to take humanity to the next stage of evolution. Besides its influence on Jupiter the corporation has considerable assets on Lucis and Lux after their (quickly buried) fiasco at Eden. It has a hard time setting foot on Mars, since their visions of the future seem to differ fundamentally.

Evol is the main producer of advanced medical supplies in the solar system.

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