Endeavour Computer Systems

Slogan: “We’ll work for you”

Place: Luna (Moon) and Ganymede, Jupiter and Mars.

As the name implies, its core business is computer technology, especially memory storage, databases and robotics. It began as an American, Earth based company which provided robotic support to manufacturing companies and to the first space vessels. After extensive research and ‘cooperation’ with university scientists it had created rudimentary artificial intelligence. This was a combination of programming done by an unnamed professor and a MCP-enhanced (“Machine Cognitive Processor”) Endeavour Industries U-80 Robot developed by Daniel Greystone. Rumours are circulating that Greystone put a neural scan from his late son into the U-80 Robot.

The workings of this artificial intelligence are a heavily guarded secret, although several artificial intelligences have been reverse-engineered by other corporations. The intelligences are actively used by space ships and work-droids.

Much to Endeavor’s dismay there are several strict regulations in place in the solar system regarding artificial intelligences, and the company is actively searching for a way to remove them. They argue that there has never been a large accident with their robots and the regulations are mostly in place because of human fear of the danger these AI’s could prevent.

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