Earth and Luna are cowardly hiding behind their static defences!

In the light of the current events on Mars, many colonies are offering support to the several factions within the Martian colony. However, Earth and Luna remain silent. Why would they turn a blind eye, while Mars is struggling? Earth & Luna should take a stance, they should show support. It would be an important gesture, them being the first colonies.

As we all know, there have been similar struggles on Earth in our shared history. Earth could guide Mars, their child-colony. Will they abandon their colonies and leave them out in the cold, like they did once before? Earth might be the best equipped to guide these aggravating events; it is very hypocritical for them to stay silent.

Earth is very well protected by their static defences, effectively separating and sheltering them from any trouble which might occur in the Solar System. However, this should be no excuse to separate themselves from Solar System politics, as soon as trouble brews! Luna is protected to a lesser extent by Earth’s defences, but is still trying to hide behind the mother planet. Are they not taking a stance out of fear? Are they coerced? Do they always pick the same side because of their proximity? Do they have no opinion of their own, or are they being forced by Earth?

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