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Mutants on the Moon!

Good day, interested people from across the solar system!

A stunning story has reached the ears of one of our always-vigilant reporters. A story, of how humans have been transformed into monsters, and let loose upon the streets of earth’s moon!

A spokesperson for this group of monsters, who wished to remain unanimous, had this to say:

“Yeah, um… we’ve found out that a lot of people we’re like… sick? Like… sick sick. Like, they went to the doctor, right, and the doctor could do nuffin! He said we’s we’re like, born with it or stuff. But, like, there are far too many of, mate! There’s nowhere where there’s like, so many of us! So’s we formed a group, like? And then, we found that there were quite a few of us. And that no a one of us knew who our parents were, right?”

So, this gentleman reached out to our news agency, to spread the story of their misfortune. Clearly, someone is trying to create some sort of superhuman, and is creating lots of test subjects, and setting them out in the world!

No other news agency would report on situations such as this, this is clearly one of those cases, where the common man is not heard, and the whole thing gets buried if we don’t throw the information out there as quickly as possible. So, stay tuned! And stay vigilant!

As soon as we learn more, so will you!

Suspicious activity on Callisto!

A reliable source who does not want to be revealed but is one of our most trusted informants on the Jupiter moons, let us know via the Cosmic Insider forums that he identified an unusual amount of MYSTERIOUS crates and visitors being moved via the space elevator at Callisto. He also informed us the security -which was already suspiciously tight- got upgraded even more; there were a lot more people who looked like heavily armed mercenaries stationed at the area around the space elevator access and supply routes!

No-one might ever discover what these precariously guarded crates might contain before it’s too late, but be sure that the vigilant readers of the Cosmic Insider will surely keep an eye on these suspicious activities! We have questioned the veil of secrets put up by EVOL (Evil?) at Callisto multiple times, but never managed to get any answers! Are their employees brainwashed? Might they secretly be AI-controlled drones? We will sure find out!

We ask our readers at the stations surrounding Jupiter to keep an eye out for these SECRETIVE activities, and try to open or track the goods being transported to and from Callisto. We’ll want to find out what they are doing, before we are all turned into mindless drones controlled by the EVOL corporation!


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