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Ghost ships in space!

As long as there have been ships traveling the world, there have been rumors of ships bereft of crew sailing the seven seas; either sailing themselves or crewed by specters or similar ectoplasmic post-mortal lifeforms. These accounts from the golden age of sailing (1571-1862) have always been dismissed as mere stories, but we know that so many independent stories could never all have been made up.

And now we see that the powers, whatever they may be, which caused these unmanned vessels to roam the seas of Earth, have spent the intervening period to make the jump to the stars.

News have reached us from several reputable sources of unmanned vessels traveling between the colonies of mankind, here in our own solar system. Much like the earlier versions from the age of sail, they are our own vessels, bereft of crew, traveling between ‘ports’, but never ‘making port’. Most sightings so far have been around the moons of Jupiter, but we fear sightings elsewhere can not be far behind.

Some brave souls have even gone so far as to set foot on one of these ‘ghost ships’, risking their own life and limb and sanity to bring you a reliable account of what goes on on these vessels.

“The ship was traveling slowly. We managed to dock, but had to force our way through the airlock, as if some force was trying to keep us out. The ship itself was completely bereft of any living human being! No corpses could be found either, it’s as if they all just vanished. The ships’ computers were still on, personal effects of the former crew could still be found lying throughout the ship. But as a creepy sense of being watched crept over us, we decided to make a hasty retreat. It’s a good thing too that we did, as we noticed creatures of energy appearing behind us as we were leaving, hastening our exit.”

This harrowing tale warns us to be wary of these ‘ghost ships’. We ask all of our many readers to keep an eye out for them if you are traveling, and stay well clear of them when you spot one. Contact us with the location and heading, so that we may be able to collect this data, and warn others of what area’s to avoid.

We also recommend bringing EMF detectors, full spectrum cameras, infrared thermometers, EVP recorders, ghost boxes, a pendulum, an Ouija board (experts only!), or other similar occult detection and communication devices on longer trips. These devices will help tremendously in discovering what is inhabiting these vessels, and using proven methods of occult communication may help us out with discovering what it is these entities want.

Do not fear, we will keep a watchful eye out for this ‘new’ (returned from old) phenomenon, and keep you well informed.

A miner’s plea from Kordoss

We’ve seen countless of job advertisements from the mining companies which are sucking the life out of Kordoss, the completely exploited planet in the Alpha Centauri system. Countless people who aren’t able to secure any other job in these uncertain times have taken to Kordoss, in pursue of a better life as promised to them. They are always hiring, showing us visions of beautiful lives in the service of these companies. But what they do not tell us, is that once you arrive on this planet, all your worker’s rights are voided and you’ll be entering a life of servitude slaving in the mines of these companies which are polluting the very air you’ll breathe!

One of our anonymous top freelance journalists has infiltrated into the brutal miner’s life on Kordoss, and has managed to secure an exclusive interview with a miner whose name shall not be revealed, granting us a peek into the bleak reality of the daily life of a worker on Kordoss.

Be warned by the cautionary tale conveyed through this exclusive report, and do not be deluded by the sly whispers of the mega corporations! Be vigilant!

I was only 18 when I took the interstellar ship through the newly constructed jumpgate route to Alpha Centauri. My dad had died in a work accident and my mom had early onset dementia, so I knew I would be the one earning money for the family, and I took the first opportunity I got. I was fresh out of high school on Mars, recruited by a small mining company which promised a good salary and a great life full of delectable entertainment within its brand new high-tech mining facility on the surface of Kordoss. The construction of the city of Landing on Eden was well underway, and Lux hasn’t even been touched at the time.

When I arrived at the space port on Kordoss, all seemed exactly as promised: I was welcomed by a beautiful blonde lady in tight business attire. She escorted me to the luxurious car which brought me to the facility where my new living quarters was located. I didn’t think to ask much question during the journey, nor did I look outside much; I had so much to be excited about! When I arrived, I was awed by the modern looking facility. In my apartment, I had everything a boy could wish for: a great apartment with a very complete entertainment system, all looking modern and sleek. However, everything went downhill soon. Beneath the shiny exterior, everything started to fall apart quickly… literally.

My first day at work was a blast. A real blast. I was shown to the mine, and the equipment I was to be working with seemed to be top-notch. The education was really hands-on: at my first day, without any experience, I got to operate a heavy miner. All things went fine at my side, however, another young recruit who I’ve briefly met had a different experience. He was on excavation, and while operating a mega-drill by himself, he managed to bury himself and the machine under a ton of rocks. The machine was salvageable, he was not. He told me before he had only arrived at the colony three weeks ago. I don’t think word ever got out to his family, to be honest.

The death of this boy wasn’t mentioned that day, or afterwards… life just went on. I noticed many safety regulations weren’t followed. Equipment wasn’t being maintained properly, most likely because only 6 or so people knew how, and they didn’t seem to care much. Most of the workers were between 18 and 25, and most sort-of taught themselves how everything worked. People mostly cared about themselves, getting through the day, and not much else.

My apartment started to feel like a prison, and my entertainment system rarely got any updates, so I just watched the same shows over and over again. Sadly, I had no-one to reach out to, except from my mother. Outward communication was very limited, and heavily monitored by management. I’ve send many messages to my mother when I just arrived, but I never got any answer from her, possibly caused by her condition, so eventually I just gave up. She might be dead by now, I don’t even know.

I’ve send out application letters for other jobs when I discovered my pay wouldn’t be raised anytime soon, but I’ve always received decline letters two to three days after my application; these replies looking suspiciously alike. My wage isn’t enough to pay for anything besides basic necessities, otherwise I’d gotten out and take a look at the other miners’ colonies, or even bought a ticket off-world. It’s not really common to travel around on the planet’s surface outside of your own colony, let alone leave the planet. Workers here usually don’t have much money to spare, and travel tickets are expensive. The only people going off-world is higher management.

I’m 35 now, but I probably look much older. Not that it matters to me, I never look into the mirror and I’ve hardly seen any women around, besides the company’s whores and some ladies working at the company’s mall and bars. I’ve had a short fling with a bar-tending girl four years ago, but she got quickly replaced after things got a little bit more serious. I never have any money left for the hookers, but luckily the entertainment system has a gratuitous amount of porn to choose from; most of it edited together by the inhabitants of the colony using the show-generator tool. I know I took this as a hobby for quite a while, but lately I took to reading books.

I’ve worked for most of my life in these mines now. I don’t have much savings to my name, just a bit of money to buy myself out of a bad spell. Luckily, I haven’t ever gotten into a gambling debt or suffered any severe medical costs so far, something which has happened to many of my buddies. Being into debt means you’ll be working twice as hard without any pay raise, and this will wear you out even faster. My best friend died two years ago at age 37 from ‘miner’s asthma’, a grim future which might be a near possibility for me too, seeing the crap I try not to breathe in each day. I know these filters don’t keep out everything. Besides, the masks are being used way longer than intended, since we only get a few from management each month. I am not worried. I have accepted life as is, but I will not be sad when it’ll be time to go. I just hope I won’t suffer too much, or that any medical costs will be billed to my mother, if she’s still alive somewhere. A few years back I still dreamed to get out of this life, meet a kind woman and build a home and family somewhere else where there’s sunlight and hope, but now I’ve given up hope altogether, and just live out my daily life until it’s over.

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