SevCol 14: Trouble in Paradise

Dear crewmembers, ship security, specialists and passengers, SevCol is proud to present its third role-play event of 2019: SevCol 14: Trouble in Paradise.

This time, SevCol will start on Friday! We will be using the same event times as 7 Realms, as we will also be using the same location as 7 Realms. Thus, we will start on October 18th, Friday evening (time-in at 20:00), and end on October 20th, Sunday afternoon. The event will be held at the scouting terrain Skoltaro in Eibergen. Play will be both inside and outside, as there are options for people who want to go and explore the forest. However, there will be enough to do inside as well; not everyone has to go outside.

We expect that sleeping accommodations will be similar to what we’re used to, with us being able to accommodate pretty much everyone inside in the IC areas (indoors). There is also an option to bring your own tent (IC or OC) and sleep in there.

Please note that we absolutely require 25 paid registrations by September 27th, as well as at least 5 people to help on the Friday before the event with the preparations, for the event to proceed.


The miner problems on Kordoss seem to have been mostly fixed, and the problems with the space elevator seem to be pretty well under control.

But, those responsible for the destruction of Customs 3 are still out and about, and where has Dr. Henry Cotton been taken to? The trail leads to Eden, and the passengers of the S.C.S.S. Celestra are in pursuit.

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