This is Burne Thompson for 6-News. We are sorry to interrupt your regular stream, but our communication from our reporter May O’Neil was interrupted and the signal lost. We take you to the official government broadcast from Geneva Dome to report on the proceedings between the Mars Volunteers and Union. We take you live to Geneva Dome.

An unknown event has caused catastrophic pressure loss and damage in Geneva Dome. If you are within a pressure-shelter, remain in place, otherwise proceed to a disaster shelter immediately.

This is Burne Thompson for 6-News. There seems to have been some sort of accident that has… Wait… We are recieving an unconfirmed report that Volunteer forces have deployed some kind of non-standard explosive weapon in an attack on Geneva Dome. They claim to have struck back at their opressive… Sorry, no, we have unconfirmed reports that Union radicals are responsible for the attack as well.

Both parties are currently claiming to be behind an attack on Geneva Dome on Mars, which seems to have caused catastrophic damage to the buildings and structure of the dome itself. Orbital observation reports a bright flash, followed by a shockwave and large cloud forming over the dome. We will update you as the situation develops.

The Martian supercomputer should not be trusted!

At this, the 13th of March, 2181, our independent journalists bring you this news!

As the situation on Mars grows more turbulent/dire, the Martian supercomputer is still spewing out nonsensical commands which confuses and divides the Mars populace even further! As usual, leaders of the domes allied with the Martian Union still trust the supercomputer commands and blindly follow its instructions without any doubt or critique, while the logic of these commands appears to deteriorate with each passing day. Just this afternoon (at approximately 12:30) most Union dome residents were seen doing some sort of yoga poses outside of their homes and offices, seemingly undisturbed by the fact that chaos and terror is currently reigning in the colony!

The Martian Union will not hesitate to tell you that the Supercomputer’s directions is what’s keeping the colony stable and thriving, but is this still the case? Is the computer and its enigmatic algorithms still reliable, even after all these years of governing the colony? Isn’t it possible (or maybe even likely) that a supercomputer like this might develop bugs or glitches over time?

Of course, none of the residents of this beautiful red planet wants to see the colony fall into ruin. However, descending into chaos might exactly be the path we’re on, if we keep following the supercomputer’s bizarre instructions. Union leaders would be wise to critically look at the commands they’ll so obtusely accept into their daily routines, and wonder whether these orders will actually contribute to the prosperity of colony and the wellbeing of the dome’s residents.

So, has the Martian computer gone haywire? Or are the Martian civil servants just too incompetent to properly interpret its output? We leave you to make up your own minds about this situation.

New Revelations about the Red Conspiracy and the Celestra!

Readers diligently following this channel of AWARENESS & TRUTH will undoubtedly remember the heroic mr Madsen who single-handedly arrested the terrorist leader Andrea Enslin! Madsen had briefly joined the crew of the controversial starship Celestra, but after discovering the terrorist hiding out on this ship (seemingly with permission of the rest of the crew), he was quick to arrest her and to distance himself from this nefarious crew!

Mr Madsen has now revealed some VERY disturbing news about the hidden forces behind the unnerving current events flooding our newsfeeds! We received a video in which he theorizes about the powers driving the chaos unfolding within the solar system and beyond, and reveals some very disturbing facts about the ‘Red Conspiracy’, and its connection to the Celestra! The speculations of this astute man are most likely on the right track, since he has undoubtedly proven he can indeed trust his instincts in matters like these! Mr Madsen also mentions the enigmatic ‘Mr. E’, who seems to be intricately connected to this whole conspiracy! Mr E was previously discovered – by our very own star-reporter Killian Robertson – to be the very owner or the Celestra!
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SNN Special Report – Census Bureau Mars Situation Findings Published

By Johnson Frederick on March 12th, 2181

This is Johnson Frederick with the latest results of the SevCol-requested and financed study into the possible effects on the economy and living conditions on Mars, in the event of roughly half the population no longer following the Mars’ computers directives.

As you are all no doubt aware, that is one of the likely scenarios as a result of the current disagreements on Mars. Some specialists argued that there would be negligible effect, as experienced individuals would continue to do the job and do what’s needed. Other experts pointed to the delicate balance of each individual dome, and the even more fragile ecosystem of all domes combined. Coupled with time-critical and for humans, hard to predict but required actions, these experts predicted a partial or complete collapse of the economy and possibly even society on Mars.

With predictions amongst experts varying so wildly, the world of predictive experts was shocked roughly a week ago, when Jeans James, a PhD at Luna university, presented a paper with the results of adapting his predictive model for bacteria growth in semi-joined vessels, to the situation in Mars. This model was unique, in that none of the experts at the time could find a fault with its method. Hence, the results were of special interest, but mister Jeans, upon the request of SevCol, postponed the results of his findings. SevCol requested this due to the volatile nature of the current situation, and promised to spare no effort in going over this model and improving upon it, letting the Census Bureau work alongside mister James, throughout the week.

Some have reported that work on the model has been going on for 24 hours a day for the last six days, with many of the mathematicians and statisticians working well into the night, working in shifts, and running the simulation on well over a thousand computers at once.

The results of these simulations have now been published, with the caveat that peer review is currently ongoing.

The results of the preliminary, limited model of Jeans James predicted a partial societal collapse, with an almost complete collapse of the economy, and a partial collapse of society. Recovery of the society would take 20 years +/- 15 years, and the economic recovery would take 30 years +/- 40 years. This result was interesting, but as you can see, the uncertainty of the results were rather high.

The improved model came up with somewhat more precise results, as well as separate results for each of the Mars’ domes. The results for each dome will be published after more model and peer review, as the results have a lower certainty, but the overall results were estimated to be ready for public consumption.

The Census James’ Model for Mars’ Running With 50% Separated From The Mars Computer (name still being workshopped) estimates that the impact on the Mars’ domes will be severe. It shows an almost immediate decrease in efficiency in all of the domes, leading to a decrease in production, leading to a sharp decline in economic power for all of the domes. THis decrease in efficiency could be brought back to roughly 85% of current in 5 to 10 years, assuming competent leadership. This is for the domes choosing to go independent of the Mars’ Computer. The domes trying to follow the directives of this computer are far worse off, with a recovery time estimated to be well over 40 years if they continue to follow the computers’ directives.

The effects of the increase in weird directives from the computer has so far not been studied, but a preliminary probe by the Census Bureau into the possible effects have shown that although the effects of these weird directives are currently likely negligible, the amount of directives is experiencing a steady growth. If they start to interfere or replace the ‘ useful’ directives, this could well start leading to a measurable decrease in efficiency.

SevCol has so far declined to comment, stating that these results bear careful consideration, and that an official statement from SevCol will follow in a day or two.

Lastly, due to popular request, the Census Bureau has created a process for the Mars’ domes to request and receive the predicted effects for their dome, as long as a contract is signed, stating the knowledge of the receiver of the inherent uncertainties of such a model on such a reduced scale.

SNN Special Report – UAC offers to build a new Kordoss space elevator

From our Kordoss correspondent

The government of Kordoss is continuing its search for a replacement for the recently collapsed space elevator. Several offers have been made, and some of those have already been turned down.

The first offer made was by Haroldson B. Hunt of Kordoss Melters Inc., who suggested on-the-site refinements of the ores, followed by an space-bridge consisting of a fleet of small cargo shuttles to form this space bridge from the smelters to the awaiting cargo ships in orbit. The government officials questioned the cost estimations of this offer, being estimated as 1.3% cheaper than the previous space elevator, as well as complaints from the Miners’ Union, who protested against the full dependence of the government upon two private companies, of which either one withdrawing on made deals would mean a cessation in delivering goods to orbit.

Another offer was made by the students of the Thomas Walsh Institute for Physics. They proposed an ore slingshot system, which would shoot the raw ore into orbit from which it could be gathered using simple ore scoops. This plan was rejected due to the unstable and unpredictable orbits of the ore The erratic orbits would be a menace to any ships passing through this layer. Furthermore, there were concerns being raised about the effects of the projectiles traveling at high velocities through the lower layers of the atmosphere. The lower costs of this proposed system would not, according to government officials, weigh up against these concerns. Concerns about possible re-entering of the atmosphere of some of the ore sealed the future of this offer.

Some people may wonder about the rejection of this system, as the Kordoss Cargo Railgun (KCR) system was the original method used to bring the ore to orbit. The problem is, that this system is not even close to being able to deal with the quantity of ore that is required nay demanded by our clients throughout the Solar System and Alpha Centauri. The catching system which prevents the flaws of the current offer does not lend itself well to upscaling to any scale significantly larger than the current incarnation.

There seems to be a good chance of an end to the search though, as UAC has made an enticing offer to the Kordoss government. They offer to build a new space elevator, funded and maintained by them, and place that under control of the Kordoss government. UAC does require a vote in the governing of Kordoss similar to the Miners’ Union. This accord can be ended from either side with a 2 months notice. If the offer is broken, control of the elevator reverts to UAC completely, but Kordoss would be free to build an elevator of their own or seek other alternatives.

The government, the Miners’ Union , and representatives from UAC are currently discussing the finer terms of the UAC offer.

Earth and Luna are cowardly hiding behind their static defences!

In the light of the current events on Mars, many colonies are offering support to the several factions within the Martian colony. However, Earth and Luna remain silent. Why would they turn a blind eye, while Mars is struggling? Earth & Luna should take a stance, they should show support. It would be an important gesture, them being the first colonies.

As we all know, there have been similar struggles on Earth in our shared history. Earth could guide Mars, their child-colony. Will they abandon their colonies and leave them out in the cold, like they did once before? Earth might be the best equipped to guide these aggravating events; it is very hypocritical for them to stay silent.

Earth is very well protected by their static defences, effectively separating and sheltering them from any trouble which might occur in the Solar System. However, this should be no excuse to separate themselves from Solar System politics, as soon as trouble brews! Luna is protected to a lesser extent by Earth’s defences, but is still trying to hide behind the mother planet. Are they not taking a stance out of fear? Are they coerced? Do they always pick the same side because of their proximity? Do they have no opinion of their own, or are they being forced by Earth?

SNN Special Report – Mars Rebellion continues to escalate

This is 6-news, May O’Neal reporting on the Mars Rebellion.

The Mars Union government has officially declared a curfew in the Volunteer domes starting last night at the end of compensate hour. As of 00.01 this morning, over 300 people have been arrested for curfew violations, following protests against the curfew.

Riots in Cymru Uchod following the arests have led to the destruction of a local police station. The current status of the government police in Cymru Uchod is not currently known, but local Volunteer organisers have let 6-News know that they are being treated well, but will not be released for now.

Negotiations between the Volunteer and Union representatives continue at Geneva Dome on Mars, where both parties call for calm and wait for a diplomatic resolution to the situation. The Volunteers are demanding the Union troops are withdrawn while negotiations continue and the curfew is lifted, the Union Government reasons that the planetary guard is the only thing keeping order in the Domes.

Meanwhile, several attacks have occurred during protests and counter-protests between Volunteer and Union sympathisers.

This is May O’Neal for 6-News, keep streaming for new updates!

Terrorist organization Red Moon Faction is active once again on Luna!

As our loyal readers know, Cosmic Insider is closely and meticulously keeping an eye on the affairs of the Red Moon Faction: an organization of which we suspect has close ties with the masterminds behind the New Galactic Order! As you will undoubtedly remember, the Red Moon Faction caused chaos and carried out terrible terrorist acts during the Luna Crisis of January 2180, endangering the whole population of the colony!

As a direct result of these harrowing deeds during the Luna Crisis, the Red Moon Faction had been dissolved and prosecuted, following which the leader of the organization, Andrea Ensslin, had gone into hiding. She was later discovered aboard the (very suspicious) vessel Celestra, which always seems to be near whenever disastrous events happen! After Ensslin was detained at SevCol Station (thanks to the heroic mr Madsen), she has been moved to an undisclosed location.

However, at this time, our most trusty Cosmic Insider reporter on the surface of Luna, reports about rumors that the Red Moon Faction is active again in the colony! Did those people not learn from the previous events that it’s dangerous to conspire with terrorists? Multiple Red Moon sympathizers seem to raise their voices again, and are even rumored to organize secret meetings in underground bunkers! If the Red Moon Faction rises again within this colony, NOBODY will be safe anymore! They are probably training insurrectionists RIGHT NOW in their secret underground facilities, and might attempt to steal our oxygen once again!

We of the Cosmic Insider will stay vigilant, and will report anything suspicious which could be linked to the Red Moon Faction! This terrorist organization might be rooted even deeper in the Luna society than we were suspecting. Rumors say that Red Moon Faction ringleaders who are in hiding on Luna are still communicating with Ensslin, using covert correspondence via an insider in the (unknown!!) prison where she is currently being held.

If you hear any news about the Red Moon Faction, don’t hesitate to contact us via SevBook!
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SNN Special Report – Customs 3 station is being rebuild

From our Lux correspondent:

Good news for the inhabitants of our star system!

Construction on anew Customs-3 station has begun, supervised by SevCol and undertaken by Johnny Dutch Group and Black & Light Planets Construction Co.
It will be several months at least until construction is finished, even with the planned use of premade modules. Until this station has been completed and is once again fully operational, the SevCol ship SCSS-Cassopeia will take over from the SCSS-Celestra which has been taking care of Custom-3’s duties after its destruction.
We thank the Celestra for its job, and wish them well on their delayed journey to the Solar System.