A new addition to the Celestra Chronicles!

Yet again our Star Reporter Killian Robertson has managed to bring us a thrilling story about heroics and betrayal! In a weird twist of events (can you really call it coincidence?) Killian crosses paths again with the weird crew of the mysterious ship Celestra, a ship that seems to be deeply involved in everything strange and suspicious going on nowadays. Killian met the Hero, mister G. Madsen, shortly after his triumphant return to his home colony of Luna. He just singlehandedly turned in the dangerous terrorist A. Ensslin to the authorities at SevCol station, but was immediately betrayed by his very own captain, the captain of the Celestra, who had the heroic Madsen confined to the brig at SevCol station as well. Madsen is now safe and well at Luna, but you’ll have to read Killian Robertsons EXCLUSIVE report for yourself to believe what has happened!

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SCSS celestra shrouded in mystery!

Following up on the investigation by my fearless colleague Killian Robertson our investigative reporter Francis Mulder tried to investigate the mysterious SCSS Celestra, which was docked at SevCol Station. SUSPICIOUSLY on directly on arrival of our reporter the airlock of the ship _conveniently_ broke and our reporter was denied access. Questioned on the supspicious circumstances the personel present changed the subject and denied further comment. Even SevCol personel was denied access, cementing our believe about the strongly compartementalized nature of this secretive organization, believed to be a precursor to the NGO ( previously reported on by CI ). Nevertheless our reporter was able to gleam some information about the mysterious accidents and incidents on the SCSS Celestra. An “accident” in one of the OCP sanitation facilities has supposedly happened, or was it a wepons test gone wrong? Our reporters have already previously denied access to the “toilet” aboard the SCSS Celestra. Was the convenient failure of the airlock a ruse so incriminating evidence could be disposed? Our reporter witnessed at least one box designated “biohazardous waste” carried off the ship. Was it truly simply waste products or something else? And what is it about the mysterious terrorist that was alledgedly apprehended onboard the SCSS Celestra. How was he able to attain officer rank? Was he a sleeper agent of a cell of luna terrorists? How else was he able to evade the security screenings by Sevcol or was he in truth no terrorist at all but an agent provocateur by the NGO?

The rumors about sevol station itself are also troubling. A mysterious “habitat 21” is talked about, possibly being the code name for a secret detention facility. Is the mysterious “terrorist/ agent provocatuer” now there? Sgt Steele of the security detail aboard the SCSS celestra rigourosly denied any form of comment.

Our reporter will continue to investigate, uncovering the shocking TRUTH for the public.

PROOF! Celebrities involved in secret plot!

As we all know, secret societies are trying to create a New Galactic Order, and they are using celebrities to control the minds of the masses!

Celebrities are the perfect agents for the Controllers of the New Galactic Order (NGO) to manipulate the people because celebrities are being worshiped like the false idols they are, and celebrities are easily swayed by promises of fame and money.

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A Shocking Journey: The Celestra Chronicles (September 25, 2180)

After a HARROWING journey aboard the mystifying star ship Celestra, our trusted reporter Killian Robertson has safely arrived to Mars Orbital Station! We can now, FINALLY, report his findings without endangering our brave reporters life! While Killian Robertson was communicating with your trusted news source from aboard this enigmatic star ship Celestra, he got JAILED by the crew for trying to convey the TRUTH to you truth-seekers out there!

For you, our great readers, we have now collected all, un-edited stories of our star reporter, Killian Robertson.
Read them all and KNOW the TRUTH!
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The Celestra Chronicles
By Killian Robertson


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Expect NEW revelations TODAY!

STAY TUNED for another day of TRUTH since our brave reporter Killian Robertson is still aboard the MYSTERIOUS ship Celestra, reporting on all secrets HIDDEN from the general public! One the first day on this mission he already encountered a wise professor with knowledge from a hidden world, a holy man, an insidious black apparatus, a terrible captain and a tragic hero, who might save or doom us all, depending on whether or not he manages to break free from his indoctrination! The fate of humanity may be at stake! SUBSCRIBE to our channel to keep up to date with the uncovering of the mysteries that surround the ship Celestra! Cosmic Insider out!