Breaking News! Protestors Occupy UAC office

This is Meros Dragovich reporting for SCNN with an update on the Kordoss Riots.

After the presence of armed UAC personnel was confirmed at the site of the recent Mining-claim Massacre, riots have consumed not only Kordoss, but its orbital infrastructure as well. Despite all evidence, Union Aerospace Corporation has denied all involvement.

UAC representative Brent Spar: “We have no interest in instigating hostilities with the local mining consortiums, their employees or their holdings. UAC is a family-centered corporation and we hold the safety of everyone in the highest regard”.

Rioting has spread from the mines to the cities, causing widespread civil disruption and casualties. The Saturn Refugee Movement has reportedly started handing out emergency rations, air filtration units and battery-powered heaters to alleviate the worst of the suffering caused by damage to the fragile life support systems in smaller settlements. Despite their best efforts, widespread injuries and deaths have been reported.

Among the casualties is Janey Hoffah, former spokesperson for the Kordoss independent miners. Her death while trying to address a crowd of protesters occupying a UAC satellite office on Herbert Hoover Station seems to have inflamed the protests. Several witnesses report miss Hoffah being shot by UAC personnel, while others say she was trampled when the crowd tried to flee after gunshots were heard.

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