Breaking news: Alpha Centauri station Customs-Three severely damaged! (January 24, 2181)

– from our Alpha Centauri correspondent Maya Tamar

Following the calamity at Kordoss, word has reached us of another tragic incident. 

Vessels travelling to the Solar system have reported that Customs-Three, the main customs station at the Alpha Centauri gateway entrance, has apparently suffered significant damage as a result of either a severe accidentcollision, or an attack by unknown forces. Search and rescue is slow to mobilize due to the Kordoss situation taking up most available resources. Customs three also serves as the main point of contact with SevCol for the inhabitants of the Alpha Centauri system, and so far we have not received any word about the whereabouts of any of the SevCol personnel.

When asked to comment, Analisa Holstein, lieutenant in the Worlds of Light search-and-rescue said the following: “The population of Customs-Three is minimal, while the situation on Kordoss is placing millions of civilians in direct danger. We are doing the best we can, but when we have to choose between thousands of civilians with no other hope of rescue, or trained spacers with suits and escape pods, we have to prioritize based on the greatest need” 

It is currently unknown whether the Customs-three situation bears any relation to the Kordoss Calamity. Sources note it is unlikely any debris from the Kordoss space elevator would have reached Customs-Three at this point. 

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