SevCol is organised by the following people:

Game Masters:

  • Marcel Muskee (setting, plot, game space combat and navigation)
  • Anja Jansen (setting, plot, website, game politics)
  • Bas Mattern (plot, game weapons combat, game medical, game economy)

Additional Crew:

  • Vincent Slotman (effects hardware, Empty Epsilon scripting and adjustments, additional software, coding, food)
  • Frank Vermeulen (Empty Epsilon mission scripting, additional software)
  • Govert Combee (effects hardware)
  • Jelle Kuiper (finance)

Other people that have contributed in different ways are Lennart Quispel, Saskia Kuliga, Elise Paulis, Martijn Verwegen, Remy Smeets, Rik Taatgen, Martin Stam, Petra Kuipers, Alex Terziev, Johannes van Staveren, Wilco van der Camp and many others.