A Shocking Journey: The Celestra Chronicles (September 25, 2180)

After a HARROWING journey aboard the mystifying star ship Celestra, our trusted reporter Killian Robertson has safely arrived to Mars Orbital Station! We can now, FINALLY, report his findings without endangering our brave reporters life! While Killian Robertson was communicating with your trusted news source from aboard this enigmatic star ship Celestra, he got JAILED by the crew for trying to convey the TRUTH to you truth-seekers out there!

For you, our great readers, we have now collected all, un-edited stories of our star reporter, Killian Robertson.
Read them all and KNOW the TRUTH!
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The Celestra Chronicles
By Killian Robertson


Are we being controlled by AI?!
By K Robertson

It’s true! According to the lead scientist in the field, Prf Finch there are AI flying all the ships in this solar system!
During a discussion with some holy guy, Dr Finch revealed that during “the last mission, an AI was used to fly a ship” this means that the BlackBrigade knew what was happening during the Lunar Incident!
During this discussion between the holy man and this scientist, they revealed during this discussion that a limited AI might just make paintings but not be able to understand what that means, but the AI that made the BlackBrigade news, was able to fly the ship by itself.
This means that my previous posts
The scientist mentioned that scary things may happen with AI’s, they may be able to threaten us. But he must battle its development to make sure the AI war does not start.
As the Prof mentioned, a true AI might be living among us, but we may not be able to detect their presence. Although this might seem far-fetched, he could not deny its possibility.

As we all know that each creature has a survival instinct, a direct need for survival.
So it might be possible for an AI to take control of the BlackBrigade Census bureau so that it can kill baby AI’s in order for it to stay in control of everything.
This means that the big companies could be controlled by this AI and our lives could be controlled by this AI. We are all like white and red blood cells for this AI.
Phalanx and SevCol are its white blood cells, making sure that all the viruses (such as these baby AI’s) get killed by it.
While the rest of us are used to transport things for this… black AI to grow.
The professor mentioned that he was trying to see how AI’s work. So like a virus he tries to see how an AI functions and if we add this to the part where he tries to prevent the AI war he is trying to stop the Black AI!

So I think that we should all send our info to Dr Prof. Finch so that we can all help the baby AI’s grow so that the Black AI will get destroyed

Senior officers of the Celestra bans press from filming important discoveries!
By K Robertson

What do they have to hide? What is so mysterious about this EMP device that a civilian black ops wants to cover this up?
For I have been asked by security officer Wolfcastle on behalf of the captain and the first mate to delete all “non passenger areas”
It is so strange that my discussion with their quartermaster regarding the ship that was fallen apart had to be deleted. As well as footage regarding the standard SevCol transportation technology. Is the Celestra more than just a regular cargo ship? What are they carrying, what is the mysterious black pillar that’s standing in their engineering bay?
What do a EMP technician, a AI programmer and a mysterious black-ops organization have to do with each other. I will try to find out but my movement is heavily restricted at the moment. Will the Celestra prove to be more than just a cargo ship, or is it just crewed by people who are not capable of anything more than barbaric brutes?
Even the great hero Prf Finch is being silenced by the crew.

Editors note: Killian Robertson managed to uncover more TRUTH following up on this article! He reported the EMP device was placed in a torpedo tube, and that the control mechanism was constructed by OCP (YES the EVIL megacorp!) This black Ops weapon was placed on this civilian vessel without their permission, and the black Ops weapon turns out to be a particle accelerator! The one who gave permission was identified to be the mysterious Mr McIntyre, a representative of a man known only by the name of ‘Mr E’! Mr E turns out to be the owner of the Celestra… and the plot thickens!

S.T.E.V.E a blessing or a curse?
By K Robertson

While flying on the Celestra I saw a flyer from ECS (Endeavour Computer Systems). As we all know ECS is one of the mega-corporations that tries to monitor our very thoughts.
Currently it is able to monitor your medical status and in the future it will be able to even record conversations without your consent! But it might do some good as well, for it could assist us all into getting a comfortable life shielded by this wonderful machine from the influences of the corporate overlords.

Editors note: the last paragraph of this reporting had to be redacted, in agreement with our star reporter Killian Robertson himself, upon personal request from an employee of ECS we can not name. This man created an AI named STEVE. STEVE could either turn out dark under the EVIL influence of ECS, or turn out to be the WHITE AI we are all hoping for to safe us from the apocalypse. Could the creator of STEVE be under influence of mind control by ECS? It could doom us all, but that would explain why he would deprive the world from learning about the truth!

Killian Robertson also noted that the creator of STEVE was present when the illegal AI aboard the Lunar vessel ‘Emmett Brown’ was found, and poses the question whether STEVE is based on this technology. When Killian tried to find out what exactly happened, the creator of STEVE was ”called away” to the bridge. The creator of STEVE seems to be under constraints by both the crew of the Celestra as by ECS!

Captain leaves crew behind
By K Robertson

‘Semper Fi’ was a slogan used by ancient Marines.
It means “leave no (hu)man behind” it has no meaning for Captain Polderman of the Celestra however. To quote a crew member “he very quietly mentioned “incoming” and said to lock the airlock while First Officer Jacob was left as well as a noble passenger on a colony that was under attack by pirates.
Apparently the bounty of 65k for chasing pirates was worth more than the live of his first officer or even his paying customers!
It is sad to see such a noble tradition of the marine corps to be so violently broken by a simple captain.
How will the crew react to this? I don’t know. But it does seem to be a act to keep a rival away from his station….

The Celestra, a horrorship
By K Robertson

As a passenger on a civilian ship, one would expect some civility.
Instead, let me recap my experiences on this Black-Ops vessel.

On the first day I was boarded I was not explained any rules regarding this ship, which to me means that the usual ship rules apply.
One does not photograph a face, one does not go into bridge or engine rooms. One does not disturb the crew while they are on duty.

How different it is on the Celestra. For one is not allowed into the MedBay, one is not allowed to go to the toilet while they figure out what kind of emergency state they are in.
Speak to a crew person and he gets send away, or he or she is not allowed to speak.
Try to make a video or photograph and the Phalanx security personal will come and demand you remove them (a serious breach in journalism) and worst of all:
Should you try to use your own comm systems to communicate with the other side of the ship during an incident and you get the message that should you do this again they will take your equipment!

All the while they perform probably illegal weapon testing while not informing you, they trade with merchants while they carry weaponry and, worst of all, refuse to allow you to leave “because we care about your safety” try to take this up with their quartermaster and you get a rude remark!

I am definitely not flying with these probable terrorist anymore!
I fear for my safety, both professional and even more important, personal!
Should I die during my time on this ship, or more probably get shoved out the airlock, let it be known that the SS Celestra is a horrible ship. It takes you hostage during your travels.
1/8 stars. The reason it’s not 0 out of 8 is that the food was wonderful.

Ceres Belt Center Station under assault
By K Robertson

Woe is upon the Bedouin tribes! The simple Bedouins people have finally decided to put their swords aside and take up the plow.
But apparently not everyone agrees about this.
Apparently the Celestra, carrying out this black ops mission on the belt has been foiled. The Ceres Belt Center Station is under assault by pirates. Bedouin attacking Bedouins seems unlikely and the Celestra is following the “pirates.”

As an unlikely passenger aboard this obvious black ops operation, we are not informed by the senior officers but only by the lone guard send to protect us.
What are they trying to cover up?

Every time this reporter tried to go out there he was rebuffed by Phalanx Security personnel. What is going on?
What is this Black Ops doing here, what is going on in this ship?

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  1. As a member of the crew I’d like to be properly interviewed before statements are made about my staff, the same goes with the captain. You will get more reliable information that way, instead of speculation.

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