A new addition to the Celestra Chronicles!

Yet again our Star Reporter Killian Robertson has managed to bring us a thrilling story about heroics and betrayal! In a weird twist of events (can you really call it coincidence?) Killian crosses paths again with the weird crew of the mysterious ship Celestra, a ship that seems to be deeply involved in everything strange and suspicious going on nowadays. Killian met the Hero, mister G. Madsen, shortly after his triumphant return to his home colony of Luna. He just singlehandedly turned in the dangerous terrorist A. Ensslin to the authorities at SevCol station, but was immediately betrayed by his very own captain, the captain of the Celestra, who had the heroic Madsen confined to the brig at SevCol station as well. Madsen is now safe and well at Luna, but you’ll have to read Killian Robertsons EXCLUSIVE report for yourself to believe what has happened!

Mr Madsen valiantly apprehended the terrorist (redacted) Ensslin on SevCol station!

This valiant hero for the cause was kicked out of the Celestra because he wanted to apprehend the suspect! (again this mysterious Ship, with this captain!) But even though he was in a tough situation he stuck to the principles of law and order!

At his own peril he used a non lethal way to apprehend the terrorist sought by Luna. He used his stunner on SevCol to make sure that the terrorist was able to be brought to justice!
Surely soon Luna will have it’s justice! And this valiant hero will be rewarded, for this he of course returned to Luna as soon as he was released to calm the Lunans that the fear is over! He stays humble in his ways “a hard working hunter for justice”

Even in transit this hero of Luna would have saved the Celestra from a vicious pirate attack if he would not have been kicked out.
Because of his travels this man could not visit his mother, but he will use his reward to buy her the late gift she deserves.

“The hunt for justice, continues, always!” – G Madsen

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