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This is the website for the SevCol LARP. SevCol is a Live Action Roleplaying Game, which takes place on a spaceship around the year 2180, travelling through the solar system (and beyond). To create this spaceship, various simulation software will be used, and extended with all sorts of hardware to create an immersive space travel experience. SevCol aims to be a ‘rule-lite’ LARP; using very few rules, and focusing on immersion and character play.

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SevCol 14: Trouble in Paradise

Dear crewmembers, ship security, specialists and passengers, SevCol is proud to present its third role-play event of 2019: SevCol 14: Trouble in Paradise.

This time, SevCol will start on Friday! We will be using the same event times as 7 Realms, as we will also be using the same location as 7 Realms. Thus, we will start on October 18th, Friday evening (time-in at 20:00), and end on October 20th, Sunday afternoon. The event will be held at the scouting terrain Skoltaro in Eibergen. Play will be both inside and outside, as there are options for people who want to go and explore the forest. However, there will be enough to do inside as well; not everyone has to go outside.

We expect that sleeping accommodations will be similar to what we’re used to, with us being able to accommodate pretty much everyone inside in the IC areas (indoors). There is also an option to bring your own tent (IC or OC) and sleep in there.

Please note that we absolutely require 25 paid registrations by September 27th, as well as at least 5 people to help on the Friday before the event with the preparations, for the event to proceed.


The miner problems on Kordoss seem to have been mostly fixed, and the problems with the space elevator seem to be pretty well under control.

But, those responsible for the destruction of Customs 3 are still out and about, and where has Dr. Henry Cotton been taken to? The trail leads to Eden, and the passengers of the S.C.S.S. Celestra are in pursuit.

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Breaking news: Alpha Centauri station Customs-Three severely damaged! (January 24, 2181)

– from our Alpha Centauri correspondent Maya Tamar

Following the calamity at Kordoss, word has reached us of another tragic incident. 

Vessels travelling to the Solar system have reported that Customs-Three, the main customs station at the Alpha Centauri gateway entrance, has apparently suffered significant damage as a result of either a severe accidentcollision, or an attack by unknown forces. Search and rescue is slow to mobilize due to the Kordoss situation taking up most available resources. Customs three also serves as the main point of contact with SevCol for the inhabitants of the Alpha Centauri system, and so far we have not received any word about the whereabouts of any of the SevCol personnel.

When asked to comment, Analisa Holstein, lieutenant in the Worlds of Light search-and-rescue said the following: “The population of Customs-Three is minimal, while the situation on Kordoss is placing millions of civilians in direct danger. We are doing the best we can, but when we have to choose between thousands of civilians with no other hope of rescue, or trained spacers with suits and escape pods, we have to prioritize based on the greatest need” 

It is currently unknown whether the Customs-three situation bears any relation to the Kordoss Calamity. Sources note it is unlikely any debris from the Kordoss space elevator would have reached Customs-Three at this point. 

Breaking news: Kordoss Space Elevator destroyed!

Around 16:00 on January 24nd, a heavy cargo delivery was launched from the Kordoss Cargo Railgun (KCR), veered off course, and hit the Kordoss space elevator. This caused great devastation, disabling the space elevator immediately, and setting the Herbert Hoover Station slowly adrift.

Subsequently, many parts of the space elevator cable came raining down upon the surface of Kordoss. As objects were falling from the sky, the general meteor alarm went off, and everyone headed for the shelters. As the first debris hitting the surface came from not that high up, the shelters were sufficient. But more debris was coming from higher up, carrying far more kinetic energy. As such, the general evacuation order was given for all regions on the planet within 500 kilometers of the equator.

Unfortunately, many were not able to get away from the equator or into space fast enough. Many of the shelters seemed to have suffered from unexpected equipment malfunctions, with failing communicators, bad door-locking mechanisms, and several other equipment malfunctions found by rescue workers. As of right now, several hundred corpses have been retrieved and are awaiting identification, and tens of thousands of people are still unaccounted for.

One of the reasons for the devastation is a very high failure rate in the safety systems of the space elevator. This certified six-sigma safety system (CSSSS) has seen a roughly 10% failure rate. So far, no explanation for this extremely high failure rate has been forthcoming.

On the bright side, representatives from both the miner’s workers union and UAC have called for cooperation in these hard times, and have made a joint statement about the recent pre-elevator riots and problems on Kordoss. They have concluded that there must be some other party responsible, but the representative of the miners, Evan Chandra (taken over after the recent unfortunate demise of Janey Hoffa), has let it be known that UAC does not seem to be behind the problems leading up to the demonstrations.

Investigations into what or who did lead to this situation are ongoing. The space elevator problems can only be called highly suspicious in their timing in light of this political news.

Rescue operations are ongoing, and most hospitals are filled to the brink. All atmosphere capable crafts in the area are busy ferrying people from shelters to the poles, and many examples of camaraderie and friendship are seen throughout the planet as people on Kordoss come together in this time of crisis. We will, of course, keep you informed of any more news.

Breaking News! Protestors Occupy UAC office

This is Meros Dragovich reporting for SCNN with an update on the Kordoss Riots.

After the presence of armed UAC personnel was confirmed at the site of the recent Mining-claim Massacre, riots have consumed not only Kordoss, but its orbital infrastructure as well. Despite all evidence, Union Aerospace Corporation has denied all involvement.

UAC representative Brent Spar: “We have no interest in instigating hostilities with the local mining consortiums, their employees or their holdings. UAC is a family-centered corporation and we hold the safety of everyone in the highest regard”.

Rioting has spread from the mines to the cities, causing widespread civil disruption and casualties. The Saturn Refugee Movement has reportedly started handing out emergency rations, air filtration units and battery-powered heaters to alleviate the worst of the suffering caused by damage to the fragile life support systems in smaller settlements. Despite their best efforts, widespread injuries and deaths have been reported.

Among the casualties is Janey Hoffah, former spokesperson for the Kordoss independent miners. Her death while trying to address a crowd of protesters occupying a UAC satellite office on Herbert Hoover Station seems to have inflamed the protests. Several witnesses report miss Hoffah being shot by UAC personnel, while others say she was trampled when the crowd tried to flee after gunshots were heard.

SevCol 13: Enemy Mine

Dear crewmembers, ship security, specialists and passengers, SevCol is proud to present its second role-play event of 2019: SevCol 13: Enemy Mine.

We will be playing both on Saturday and Sunday on 6 & 7 July, with a pause for sleeping and breakfast in between. The coming event will (most likely) be held at the ‘Cee Spot’ in Enschede!

Please note that we absolutely require 25 paid registrations by the 7th of June, as well as at least 5 people to help on the Friday before the event with the preparations, for the event to proceed.


While apprehending Doctor Henry Cotton and turning him in at SevCol station Customs-3, a situation has developed on the mineral-rich world of Kordoss.

Clashes over claims and bad blood between UAC and independent miners, supported by well-meaning benefactors, have resulted in several deaths and untold damage. The Celestra is sent to investigate and, if possible, resolve the situation.

While docked at the Kordoss space elevator, the view outside the airlock is one of unrest, accusations and anger.

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Breaking News: Kordoss miners killed

Breaking news on the Kordoss Crisis!

Recently news has reached this news station of a deadly incident at one of the mining-claims in the disputed regions on Kordoss. Details are scarce at this time, but eye-witness reports speak out dozens of casualties.

Janey Hoffah, current spokesperson for the independent miners is placing the blame with the UAC corporation. “These people don’t know when to stop grabbing more and more, and they don’t care who gets hurt!” says Janey Hoffah.

UAC’s Kordoss Office representative Brent Spar could not be reached at this time. His office let us know that UAC would never be involved in any attacks or actions against existing claims or against the independent miners of Kordoss.

More information will be published as it becomes available.

SevCol 12: Methuselah’s Children

Dear crewmembers, ship security, specialists and passengers,

SevCol is proud to present its first role-play event of 2019: SevCol 12: Methuselah’s Children. We will be playing both on Saturday and Sunday on 2 & 3 March, with a pause for sleeping and breakfast in between.

The coming event will (most likely) be held at the ‘Cee Spot’ in Enschede! Please note that we absolutely require 25 paid registrations by February 16th, as well as at least 5 people to help on the Friday before the event with the preparations, for the event to proceed.


The Celestra has made its first journey ever to Alpha Centauri. They were following a path of clues in their search for a certain doctor. Who is this doctor? Where can he be found? And what should be done with him?
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Special Report: Kordoss Riots

Hello, I am Meros Dragovich, with SCNN

Today, we bring you an update on the Kordoss situation. As we all know, UAC has recently started exploiting new claims on Kordoss. Numerous private miners have since left to UAC, touting much-improved conditions, higher pay and shorter hours.

Last week, UAC revised their “come all” policies on Kordoss, leading to growing discontent among private miners who have sold their claim and are now unemployed. These recently unemployed miners have been forced to rely the generosity of the local Saturn Refugee Movement employees, who have come to Kordoss to “assist the Downtrodden”, according to Janey Hoffah.

I stand here at the UAC recruitment office, which has recently been firebombed by parties unkown, alledgedly in retribution for the rejection of over 50 miners who, according Janey Hoffah, have unfairly been failed out of UAC training, after being previously approved.

Union Aerospace Corporation has released the following statement:
“We regret the recent turn of events. We were overwhelmed with the influx of new workers, and while UAC is extremely thankful for the trust you have placed in us, we regret to inform you that there are currently no vacancies in our local branches for miners. We predict future growth opportunities will create additional opening for skilled miners and support personnel, so keep an eye on our employment boards!”