SNN News digest, 2 March, 2180

Is a strike wave hitting the Solar System ?

It seems the strike of the OCP Amalthea workers has inspired others to do the same. As of yesterday, all contact with mining colony LC-247b has been lost. NewRock Mining Inc., the owner of the facility, has sent a ship to the asteroid base, but because of its orbit, it will take considerable time to reach it. According to the SevCol Flight Plan Log, no other ships are currently in the vicinity.

NewRock Mining Inc. is a new, fast growing company, that has succesfully established mining colonies in de Ceres Belt and Jupiter System. Worker conditions are generally reported to be reasonable, but as the Amalthea Strike shows, strikes can break out in unexpected places.

NewRock Mining stock has fallen by 3.4 %

SNN News digest, 18 Februari, 2180


Strike stops all cooking equipment production at OCP Amalthea production facility

From our Jupiter correspondent

Workers at the Amalthea production facility of Omni Consumer Products have gone on strike. The central control room and main fabrication hall have been occupied, and a comittee has been formed that is composing a bill of demands. The facility, that produces most of the Solar System’s cooking equipment, has stopped all production.  According to an OCP spokesperson, the strike was rather unexpected.

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