SNN News digest, 18 Februari, 2180


Strike stops all cooking equipment production at OCP Amalthea production facility

From our Jupiter correspondent

Workers at the Amalthea production facility of Omni Consumer Products have gone on strike. The central control room and main fabrication hall have been occupied, and a comittee has been formed that is composing a bill of demands. The facility, that produces most of the Solar System’s cooking equipment, has stopped all production.¬† According to an OCP spokesperson, the strike was rather unexpected.

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Captain Jenkins charged with manslaughter

Roy Jenkins’ ¬†ordeals are far from over. Readers might recall the strange case of the Bakunin incident some weeks ago, when his ship flew into a pirate ambush when it exited a jumpgate in the Ceres Belt. Although he managed to drive off the pirates, the ship took serious damage and had to be salvaged by the SevCol Rescue Services. Having lost his ship this way, Jenkins fate seemed sinister at best, but news has arrived that makes his position even worse.

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Still no clue to the cause of death of Red Hipster

The death of the famous pirate captain Red Hipster remains a mystery. The joint investigation team, consisting of detectives and forensic scientists from the Saturn Collective, the Mars Union, and the United Moons of Jupiter, are still pouring over the clues and samples they have taken from the derelict space station where Hipster’s body was found. Rumours go round, that the death was not accidental, and that the total lack of progress of the investigators has a political reason.

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