Still no clue to the cause of death of Red Hipster

The death of the famous pirate captain Red Hipster remains a mystery. The joint investigation team, consisting of detectives and forensic scientists from the Saturn Collective, the Mars Union, and the United Moons of Jupiter, are still pouring over the clues and samples they have taken from the derelict space station where Hipster’s body was found. Rumours go round, that the death was not accidental, and that the total lack of progress of the investigators has a political reason.

Apart from Red Hipster,  bodies of civil servants of the three Colonies have also been found on the station. It is not known why they were there. Secret negotiations might have taken place, but no official explanation for their presence has been given so far. Some speculate that the three colonies were trying to establish an alternative to the Luna Stock Exchange, but this remains unconfirmed.

Another theory is that members of the Ceres Belt Bedouins were responsible for the deaths. Red Hipster had been instrumental in getting the new treaty between the Bedouins en the Mars Union. The treaty stipulates, that the Bedouins will stop attacking shipping in the Ceres Belt, in exchange for regular shipments of supplies for the former pirate group. It is known, however, that there are some Bedouins who do not want to lay down their weapons and settle peacefully. They might have tried to stop the treaty by getting rid of its most vocal supporter.

Perhaps we will never know what really happened on the station. Thus far, the investigators have not even been able to establish the cause of death of the victims. It seems this mysterious case is only getting more mysterious …