SNN News Digest (September 3 – September 10, 2180)

The latest news from the Solar System. In this issue:


from our SevCol Station CorrespondentBig power shortage hits Sevcol station

A large part of the Sevcol station has experienced a power shortage at 09:00. At 12:30 the power gradually came back online. The primary life-support back-up systems operated as expected.

The cause of the disruption was a chemical weapon discharge by a kiosk store robber, which caused a cascading rupture in one of the essential power relays. Around 12:30 the maintenance crew reported the problem to be solved and “the lights could go on again”.

Although all computer systems are working nomally, space craft traffic from and to the station will experience a delay for at least a few hours. A spokesman from SevCol says: Even though power might be reinstated in a timely fashion, the reinstallation of the docking clamps and configurations will need some time before they can be recovered by our maintenance crew. We thank everyone for their patience.

Nobody has been hurt and the suspect has been taken into custody by SevCol security forces.


excerpt from our financial broadcastSNN Finance Broadcast about the Luna situation

“In our continuing series on the economic impact of the recent events involving Luna, we are once again joined by financial analyst Alan Redspan. Mr Redspan, you mentioned previously the current trade embargoes around Luna have turned the entire world into a trade-black-hole?”

“That’s right. The Luna Free State has all but shut down their exports, which means that any transport arriving at Luna will have to depart empty. An empty ship does not generate income, which means any shipping company will charge extra to take products to Luna.

Furthermore, the demand for high-tech products has skyrocketed, as their supply has up. Many groups are shamelessly hoarding products, which has driven prices through the roof.”

“What does this mean for investors and contractors?”

“That’s hard to say. The stock prices for Luna-based companies are currently holding steady based solely on the belief that this crisis will be over soon. If the current situation endures, we can expect prices to plummet as short-term investors get rid of their stock. When that happens, either the prices go into freefall, or they will quickly recover after the embargo is lifted and stockpiled resources on Luna hit a starved market.”

“What advice can you give our viewers on shipping?”

“Obviously, don’t go to Luna if you don’t expect to make a good profit on your first trip cargo, no return cargo is likely to be available. If you can find any Luna-exclusive goods for sale, hang on to them, they’re likely to appreciate in value significantly in the near future. Don’t hold on too long though, if a resolution seems near, the prices will quickly return to their original levels.”

“That’s all the time we have today. Join us again tomorrow, when we will discuss the current overflow of Soy. Stockpile or sell?”


from our SevCol Station CorrespondentNew type of weapon spotted

Pirates have been acting bolder and bolder, and their newly found influx of finances due to the increase of smaller vessels transporting valuable goods after the recent political developments with the Luna colony. This seems to have led to the development of a new type of weapon amongst the scourge of the spaceways: a small shuttle, fired from a torpedo tube, with a fully armed pirate on board.

Survivor’s tell of a rumbling sound, and a slight decrease in on board pressure, followed by one or more heavily armed combatants storming vital areas of the ship. The ship itself ends up with a relatively small hole in their hull, with the weapon system magnetically sealed across this hole. If the crew is deemed valuable, they are often held for ransom, to be paid by their employer or colony.

This new weapon system seems to be particularly effective, as most vessels do not have proper security on board. The manned vessels allow the pirates to capture ships more or less intact, as the soldier on board captures the bridge of the victims’ ship within minutes of entry.On better armed vessels, it seems to be the standard tactic to release several of these vessels at once, breaching the ship at several locations at once.

While it seems a weird and somewhat suicidal weapon system, the macho culture or fanaticism prevalent amongst these kind of crews seem to account for the use of these devices. Empirical evidence backs up the lethal effectiveness of this weapon, as several ships have recently been attacked and found drifting, stripped of their cargo and crew.

SevCol advices crews that come into contact with these new weapon systems to immediately send out a signal for help, and then try to vacate the area. Mark Felt, a spokesperson from SevCol, told this reporter that at this time, no plans for escorting legitimate trading vessels exist, as SevCol can not personally afford such a venture, and there are too many space going vessels that, in some cases now, desperately want this kind of protection. He reminded us that such security is available on a contract basis from many private contractors, and that colonies are themselves at least partially responsible for the safety of their citizens outside of colony space. SevCol is there merely to maintain the portal system, police the rules amongst the colonies where it comes to space travel, and to facilitate inter-colony discussions.

In the meantime, contracts for security personnel have been on the rise, quickly recovering after the recent decline.


featured new vacancy in our jobs sectionVacancy for medic on the SCSS Celestra

Vacancy: Doctor/field medic SCSS Celestra

Key responsibilities and duties:
As medical personnel on board the SCSS Celestra you will be responsible for the health of the passengers, crew members and security officers. This includes treating injured security personnel during combat situations.

Academic or trade qualifications:
Specifically we are looking for a Doctor or EMT with a valid SevCol certificate, or a medical degree obtained from a higher educational institute recognised by SevCol.

Work experience and skills
As space travel comes with risks, you must be able to perform your medical duties during stressful, dangerous and possibly traumatic situations. It is therefore desired that you have experience with these situations.

If you are interested in the position or if you want more information, you can send me a private message.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

With anticipation,
Quartermaster Celeste Fey
On behalf of the crew of the SCSS Celestra

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  1. About this new hull penetrating weapon, what happens if it penetrates one of these fancy new hull types that are filled with liquid that expands and solidifies upon contact with air or vacuum? Do the machos get stuck in it?

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