SNN News Digest (September 23 – September 26, 2180)

The latest news from the Solar System. In this issue:


from our Jupiter CorrespondentWill AI therapists make human psychologists obsolete?

Last friday, thousands of psychologists on the moons of Jupiter went on strike to protest the new health policy of UniHealth, the biggest provider of health insurance in the Jovian system. Unihealth now offers completely free access to the AI therapist service ‘Psychologist Taylor’ to their customers. The human psychologists are afraid they will loose their clients if an AI service is so easily available.

Apps and automated services that offer psychological support through an AI have been around for some time now, but they always have been paid services. For many people, services like these might be easier to turn to than a human psychologist, and thefore the frequent use of these services is often endorsed through health insurance policies. The advantages of an AI therapist service are clear: you have your own therapist available 24 hours a day, always there if you need someone to talk to, always in a good mood, and remembers every word you have ever said. An AI therapist has basically got all the knowledge there is about psychotherapy and the human mind, and can guide the patient through the same steps as a professional therapist. Everything the patient says gets calculated in a way to get the proper response, which an AI of course does as fast as any human. An AI therapist can handle millions of patients, and learn from all of them.

But will human therapists ever go obsolete? Human therapists do need sleep, vacation, and pay, and their memory is not perfect. However, simply the presence of another human being can make a great difference if you need somebody to talk to. Humans do need humans, especially in times of need. Although an AI therapist has all the knowledge needed and the ability to adjust, they are not real humans, despite the advances in holographic projection.

We would love to hear from our readers what you think about AI therapist services like Psychologist Taylor, and if you think human psycholgists will ever get obsolete.
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from SevCol announcementsWarning: Gas attacks on ships!

Warning to all shipping:

Security footage from the recently recovered CSS “Hands of Compassion” has surfaced, showing unknown attackers boarding the vessel and incapacitating the crew using some form of gas canister.

The “Hands of Compassion” was presumed lost three weeks ago on her route from Saturn to Lucis. She was found adrift yesterday by a prospecting vessel traveling the lesser-used gates.

On-board cameras record the events, which some readers would experience as shocking. A group of unidentified men and women breach the airlock, throwing canisters towards the defending crew-members. The defenders are quickly incapacitated by an invisible gas.

SevCol Security is certain no traces of tranquilizing gas have been found aboard, which means whatever substance was used breaks down rapidly. This is further supported by footage revealing unidentified attackers, without any air supply or filtration, removing the incapacitated crew not 10 minutes after the attack.

All shipping is advised to be aware of these events. Updates to follow as soon as information becomes available.


from our correspondent at Alpha CentauriPope receives noodles from the public

The Pope, currently visiting the reclusive Lux planet, has received a noodle meal from a member of the Lux populace. He got this while receiving a tour by the Lucis Patrons. The pope received the meal with a smile on his face from resident noodle-maker Xin Lui. The 71-year old pope told he missed eating noodles anonymously in Chinese restaurants. Xin Lui told SNN he put yellow noodles into the recipe, since the Vatican flag is yellow too.

4 thoughts on “SNN News Digest (September 23 – September 26, 2180)

  1. Dear SevCol,

    I find it interesting that there are warnings about gas attacks by hijackers and the only thing SevCol says is that “All shipping is advised to be aware of these events.” Shouldn’t SevCol be trying to protect their people and therefore do a bit more than just ‘advising’ us to “be aware of these events”. I should think SevCol should come up with a plan to help us to protect ourselves in case of an gas related attack. For example, make sure that every vessel has enough gasmasks aboard, get alarms on airlocks installed on the outside, so that’ll we know if someone tries to break in and enter or maybe think of some other plan.
    But SevCol please don’t sit there and just “advise” us instead of trying to help us weather these storms. Multiple times you “advised” us, like when the pirates had made a new weapon by sending themselves in small torpedo tubes to ships in order to attack them. The you advised us to “send out a help signal at once”. Sure we can do this, but then what? We’re still stuck with these pirates on our ship. I know from former experience that most hijackers, due to stress and maybe some personality traits, they are not the most understanding people. The change is after we send out an emergency call, we don’t get a “Thank you” from the pirates but an escalation. Because now we have put them in a dire situation on which they have to react at once, if they don’t want to be taken in arrest or worse being shot at because Phalanx was close by and decided it would be best to “set us free”.
    So dear SevCol, maybe instead of advising us what to do, you could help us to maybe prevent these sort of events to happen. Or if it’s not possible, because let’s be honest you can never guarantee that our ships will be 100% save against pirate attacks. But you could train us how to react on these kind of situations. When you train new recruits to become a ships staff, maybe you could give them a training in negotiating with hostile persons. What to do in case of a hijacking, or when your ship is about to be entered by pirates. This would, in my opinion, be a wonderful addition to the course we all get on “What to do in Emergency situations.”
    Because this course really is a great start, it teaches you what to do in an emergency situation. And yes the simulations are very helpful, but the course only deals with the mechanical defects. Like what to do if you airlocks pops open in mid-flight, or when you reactor is malfunctioning and now leaking radiation. So I would ask you please update this course so that I and all the other crewmembers on board of SevCol ships will be more able to deal with this, increasing more violent, pirate attacks.

    Yours truly,

  2. I have to agree with melody on the training part for non-combat personnel of sevcol. We need to train our crew more on general high-risk situations, especially combat and other space-hazards, which are becoming more frequent today. You can never know 100% what a person will do in distress, but training does help.

  3. Personally, it is my understanding that AI cannot replace the human mind when it comes to art, empathy, and morality. These things can be forged, but can never be as true as the human heart. For the machine lacks the human soul, the divine element that connects us, inspires us, and energizes all of us. One day, I hope to contemplate this issue with His Holiness over a plate of noodles.

    But for today, my prayers are with the crew of the CSS Hands of Compassion.

    “So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding.”
    Romans 14:19

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