SNN News Digest (November 7 – November 21, 2180)

The latest news from the Solar System. In this issue:


from our Mars correspondentHello Brave New World

Researchers have finally been able to create an artificial intelligence capable of matching a human in programming skills.

Previous attempts at automating the process of programming computer software have always been unable to capture the creativity typical to humans.

The eccentric AI researchers Alphonse Reindaal and Edgar Dijkstra explained their reasoning: “After several nights of particularly heavy drinking, we realized that the typical human coding progress is fundamentally flawed. However, these flaws might be what makes humans so effective at solving complex problems.” The researchers proceeded by adding virtual ‘Monday mornings’, ‘coffee breaks’ and ‘binge drinking sessions’ to their neural network simulation of computer programming.

The effect was astounding: Initial tests showed that the program was capable of finding novel solutions, way beyond what could be inferred from the model input.


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from our entertainment correspondentTERRAFILMS: Rosalie Falk’s last movie to be released this year

Since the news of the death of famous and beloved actress Rosalie Falk broke earlier this month, fans of her trademark movie series Fire and Fury have been in deep mourning. The death of the earth-born actress aboard a starship has been fraught with rumors of drugs use and suicide, though none of the rumors have been substantiated as of yet.

Fans of her films will be pleased to hear that Miss Falk will posthumously star as Mira Indra in the latest, and final, instalment of Fire and Fury, In the Heart of Fury. During an interview with the director, Mitchell Curtez, he told Terrafilms:

“While we regret the loss of an amazing actress and friend to us all, we believe Rosalie would have wanted us to release her last masterpiece. We have most of the footage we needed, and using advanced holographics we can use the existing recordings to fill in any extra footage.”

He continued: “The classical story of Fire and Fury has struck a chord in all of us, and we owe it to Rosalie, and to her character Mira Indra to finish this film in her name. The series deserves a fitting end, and we have no intention of continuing the story with a different leading lady.”

Curtez refused to confirm rumors that a prequel to Fire and Fury, starring a young Mira, is being written.


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